Is there a key, a guide to life transformation? What inspired Romil to write?

This post is about the Book of a young friend of mine Romil Ganpat Rambhad. I asked him a few questions which he answers here.

In our time many young people have challenges in life. Especially the eastern youth, because the traditions are strong and they have also to deal with western influence. Also, the world is changing, and our young people have to adapt to this new era. It brings often conflicts with family and society.

Therefore, I think it is conducive to read about the experiences of this young man for young and adult alike.

Read Romil’s answers to my questions:

What inspired me to write this book? What was the impetus behind this work?

I have seen many people living their life miserably without happiness and fulfillment. There are many examples of people who earn good wealth and still are unsatisfied; this has to lead me to go and dig deep on the topic and put it in front of everyone. Also, my calling to guide people through my study experience has helped me to come with this book. This book will be an eye-opening experience. Therefore, you will start looking at life with more clarity, you will be more aware and of our strengths and thought patterns.

Why did I choose to write upon this subject matter?

Today, this topic is so essential in our life, while it is not taught anywhere in our traditional education. Without peace and clarity, it is challenging to have success in any sphere of life, and most people are not aware of it. I have my journey with myself and self-discovery; what I have explored and gained wisdom is transparently discussed in a simplified and practical way. Success while we judge according to social norms, but every individual should have their definition of success. Wealth is just the by-product of things which you love to do; of course, it needs financial knowledge as well.

How is this book relevant in the present-day scenario?

Romil Rambhad: In today’s scenario, we all are outwardly focused and running after things that might not necessarily serve us. We live in a distracted world; it is not easy to have focus as we have distractions all around us. Asking the right questions and working on the right things will surely give the desired results. The Powerful keys are so relevant to present circumstances if one obeys the principles and understands the thought pattern, he will surely change his habits and thus his destiny.

The Key to a Better Life and Guide to Life Transformation

Book: The 20 POWERFUL KEYS To A Better Life

Author: Romil Rambhad
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2019)
Total Pages: 141

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

“A Life Transformation Guide to make your Life Better by learning and knowing about one’s very own undiscovered potentials!”
The remarkable Book, “THE 20 POWERFUL KEYS TO A BETTER LIFE” by Author Romil Rambhad is written with the aim of changing the readers’ life and teaching all those manners to the readers, which can help them to grow, achieve success, attain inner-peace & satisfaction in life, fulfill their goals, discover their hidden potentials, learn the art of mastering the mind, learn the philosophy of self-love and make a successful transformation in their life in all their desired aspects. Well, in short, this book can be described as – A Life Transformation Guide!

About the Author:

The Author, Romil Rambhad, focuses on writing Inspirational, Personal Growth, and Inner-Management books. He is an entrepreneur by choice and a writer by passion. Romil Rambhad is a highly influential writer and takes all possible measures to guide people, which can lead them to live their best possible life. He also makes sure to open new doors of vision for the people and helps them to understand themselves to uncover their true hidden abilities.

Quoting the Author’s words, “My aim is to reach people to live a pleasant and extraordinary life, creating inner peace, enthusiasm, and a life full of abundance in every sphere of life.”
Golden Statement: “Your Mind is the seed for transformation you desire.”

The target of this Book is to Change the Readers’ Life, of course, for good, that too in an extraordinary and remarkable manner! Since, this Book throws light upon those set of tools, which can be indeed beneficial for the people seeking for personal success, life mastery, and an abundant as well as unbeatable mind-set.

The aim is to make the readers understand about their personal success key by their own thought pattern, awareness, perception and the impact of all these aspects and values as a whole when put together in the lives of the people. He has a simple and yet impactful approach to solve the classic problems of human beings, which we encounter in our day-to-day life.

The Book and key to transformation

In this book, “The 20 Powerful Keys To A Better Life” the Author had very well divided his knowledge, which he aims to impart to his readers in 4 PARTS, namely: a) Master the MIND; b) Re-discovering YOURSELF; c) Life GOALS; d) Successful TRANSFORMATION.

Now, in these four main parts of the book, it consists of a total of 20 Constructive and Reading Worthy Chapters. Whereas, this Book is constructed in such a marvelous manner that reading and understanding the Author’s Theories becomes really easy for the Readers since every chapter in this book starts with a wonderful quote by some renowned greats and further the chapter is also divided section-wise to put some more light on the Sub-Topics and for an easier understanding to the readers and finally each of the chapters in this book ends with a summary, where the overall knowledge is summarized for the readers to get a brief idea of the chapter.

Practical, helpful tips

Hence, readers can find some very helpful and practical tips to follow and overcome their difficulties.
The best thing about this book is that the Author very bravely talks about topics and issues, which are often either neglected or not taken very seriously by the people and yet those issues play a major role in shaping up the habits and building up the character of a human being. According to the Author, if the reader follows the teachings of this Book in the manner, which is aimed and expected then the Readers could solve some Real Hurdles of their lives that are pulling them down.

Life-Changing Wonders

The Author talks about those Life-Changing Wonders which this Book can help an individual to achieve, some of these wonders are: Realistic Ways to Defeat Stress; Build an Unbeatable Mindset; Maintenance of Balance in one’s life; Being Abundant in Personal Relationship; Discovering and Exploring the Unique Aspects of One’s True Personality; Creating the Mirror for Oneself; Increasing Awareness; Gaining Clarity on Possibilities; Opportunities for Oneself; Recognizing One’s Energy Habits; Utilization of One’s Strength for Creating the Desired Life; Redefining One’s Outlook on Success; Strong Techniques for One’s Mental Health & Healthy Mind.

Also, the Author has much appropriately justified the Book Title, as the book not only talks about DOs and DON’Ts of life but also highlights the manners to direct one’s life in their desired way. It is expected to provide the readers with improved daily life quality, abundance with their relationships, happiness, peace, success in the carrier, and a fulfilled life! It has been advised to unlock the Powerful Keys described in this Book to live an “Empowered & Prosperous Life!”

Most definitely this Book is a Must Pick one, as it’s all about finding balance in life, which undoubtedly we all are seeking, and this Book has made it easier to find the ways of doing so and consists of all the right mix for the readers. Happy Reading!

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