Can you define your Dream?

Did you ever think about it? What do you really want? You may know this from personal experience often; you think to know exactly what you want to accomplish in your life.

The problem is that, basically, you just have an idea of what you do not want in life. For example, you want to have no debt, no disputes in the family or partnership, no problems you can not solve, no boring job, and good health.

 Basically, we just have an idea of what we do not want in life.

We may manage to have no debt – but this also may mean that we do not have a lot of money to spend.
Although we have no real dispute, our situation may not be harmonious. We may not have any large and complex problems, but a lot of small ones. Also, our job may never be boring, but often very stressful, from today’s perspective.

We try to eat healthy food and do exercise. But still, we only reached a goal.

But are we happy? No, often quite the contrary. It can feel like we are no more than a sheet that can be blown away by a small gust of wind.
Why is this so? Because we do not know what we really want. We are not really aware that, in truth, we have the desire to live a life in harmony, prosperity, health, and love. And in truth, we as human beings are looking for exactly these things.

The knowledge alone that you can actually look for love, harmony, prosperity, and health and how to get it is not enough.
To succeed, you need to know exactly in which direction you want to go. Most people go through life without a real plan.
One day follows another; often, it is only about making somehow ends meet. This is terribly bad because this must not be.

What Do You Really Want - Define your Dream

But here’s the whole point. If you do not know what you really want and what exactly your life should look like, then you do not get anything out of life that you might want, or worse, others will decide for you. Do you really want that?
I can not emphasize this enough: It’s always the perfect time to change something in life. And if you think it is too late or you’re stuck too deep in your situation, you can at least improve it step by step.
Maybe you do not succeed immediately, but you can at least begin.

What do you really want in your life?

There are questions that need to be answered. What is life about for you?  What about wealth? How much do you need to be happy?
Or if you now had a huge sum of money available, what would you do with it? What about your health?
Make up your mind and think about it.
Wallace Wattles: “You will never do great things in the external world until you think great things in the internal world”- in The Science of Being Great

What do you really want? What makes you feel more alive? And what is your desire? What would you like to be, create and give?
A dream is not a real dream if you know exactly how to get there. Therefore, a dream makes you stretch and grow and brings you out of your comfort zone.
A dream sets you on fire and makes you excited.

What Do You Really Want - Define your Dream

Can you remember the dreams you had as a child and how you really felt like it is real in your imagination?
Later, we were told not to do this and get real in school or at home. But this is what we need to do to build our dream. Now we have to learn this again.

We all are able to do great things. It is said: If we can see it in our mind, we can hold it in our hands.

It is necessary to make the right decisions in life. Decisions that sometimes do not meet all the standards and conventions.
Dreams are often not understandable to people around you, and they may discourage you. Don’t let them.
Only for those who are willing to take unusual steps can extraordinary results be expected!

Stand up for yourself and think about what you really want – define your dream.

Do you have a dream?
Think of Do you know what you really want?
Do you remember a dream you had as a child?
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