Do you follow the advice that benefits you?

Whose advice do you follow?

The one who want you to work hard?  Or the ones who tell you to work smart and from the heart?

If you tried either one of them, you will feel the difference. I like to say ” Less is more”

Here a guest post of our friend Ryan Biddulph. He will share his experience with us.

Thank you, Ryan

whose advice do you follow

Whose Advice Do You Follow?

I scanned my Twitter stream a few moments ago.

Instantly, I read a tweet I did not agree with. But I had a different frame of mind in the past. I would read, agree with, and retweet advice not beneficial to me. Most of the advice aligned with a hard work consciousness. I agreed with hard work. I agreed with people who worked hard.

Bad idea.

Working hard guarantees you need to work harder down the road. Force negates.. Force comes from fear. Fear energy forces you to struggle and fail in any endeavor.

I slowly but surely watched my thoughts and feelings. Why did I follow advice from people who worked hard? I learned early in life that working hard makes you deserving of money. But like all limiting beliefs, this is not true because the idea is fear manifest.

I had to face, feel, and release my hard work consciousness to stop following bad advice and to begin following good advice in this area. Now I blog from a more abundant energy. I developed my prosperity consciousness. But only after I checked whose advice I was following.

Whose advice do you follow? Do these people have your best interests at heart? Do these individuals live from a loving, compassionate, and trusting energy? Follow only love. Follow only abundant advice. Ignore everything and everyone else because following fear advice drags you down the path of struggle, failure, and loss.

Following advice feels confusing. One person tells you to do one thing. Another person tells you to do another thing. Most people tell you to work really hard for a long time. But have these people been featured on some of the top websites in the world? Do these people succeed with peace of mind? Who are these people? Why do you follow their advice?

Before you nod and agree with someone’s point of view, check yourself. Do you trust the advice? Do you really agree with the advice? Or do you just want to retweet something to accelerate your success by building your friend network?

Live with Integrity. Agree with high-energy perspectives. Let go of everything else.

Working hard and long does not bring you success and happiness. Having fun and playing for a long time from a detached energy while you help people bring you success and happiness along with unlimited peace of mind. I think this way now because I reversed my old thinking. I reversed my own thinking by releasing people who preached hard work, straining, and striving to succeed.

Beware. Most people offer advice through the prism of fear. Most human beings do not face and release their deepest fears. Naturally, if fear still sticks around in their mind from a predominant energy, their advice is largely fear advice.  Don’t trust it. Do not buy into fear because fear is an illusion.

Love is real. Facing and feeling your fears let you live from a place of clarity, truth, and love. Clear beings see the truth with increasing ease. Seeing the truth helps you follow loving advice. Seeing the truth also helps you release on fear advice dripping with limiting beliefs..

You know the difference. Everybody does. But you need to check yourself before you follow advice from someone offering fear. Never share fear-based updates either. Do not spread the fear virus to perpetuate the illusion.

Simply live from an energy of love and follow loving advice to live your dreams and empower other people to do the same.


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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

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Whose advice would you follow?

Do you have experience with and followed bad advice?

Please share your story!