Do you use Deadlines?

A new guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph.

It may astound many of you as we often hear quotes like: A goal without a deadline is just a dream.”-Robert Herjavec or: “Without deadlines, nothing gets done.”- Lailah Gifty Akita

Maybe we should let go of slogans and do things differently?


But there are also quotes like: “A deadline is a negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.”- Rita Mae Brown or: “Are you aware that rushing toward a goal is a sublimated death wish? It’s no coincidence we call them ‘deadlines.” ― Tom Robbins

Let us see Ryans’ opinion and experience about Deadlines.

Why Should You Consider Not Using Deadlines to Get the Job Done?

Time is an illusion.

Setting deadlines tries to force you to work based on an illusion.

Does that sound like an effective strategy to enjoy life? Does this sound like a freeing approach to living your dreams?

Consider not using deadlines because the moment you lift the time barrier producing pressure, resistance, and force, genuine creativity flows through your being.

I wrote and self-published a single eBook daily for 3 months straight during one of my trips to Bali. Writing and self-publishing a 6000 word eBook 90 days in a row felt easy because no expectations, goals, or strict time deadlines blocked the eBook content. Please reread that; the very act of setting deadlines often puts you under pressure. Putting yourself under pressure blocks the creative flow of ideas that organically enters your mind for your human lifetime, and that same organic flow resides within your heart for eternity.

If this idea sounds odd to you, do you know anyone who wrote and self-published 120 plus helpful eBooks? I have. But only because I removed deadlines to focus on the love of writing eBooks, versus pushing hard to manifest some specific outcome.

Deadlines use fear to scare you or to push you into action. Fear – like time – is an illusion. Only love is real. Only Now is real. Why try to force yourself, push yourself, or prod yourself into action based on illusions? Doing so adds heavy resistance to the creative process, blocks prospering ideas, and flat out makes your life more difficult, strained, and challenging.

Try this different approach: fall in love with the process of helping people and see outcomes as extras, bonuses, or icing on the cake.


Relax and It Gets Done

Relax, chill, remove timelines and you do the work because everything comes to you when you do not need it.

When you need something or someone – ideas or things or people – you emit the energy of noticing you do not have it, which blocks it or the person from moving into your experience.

Remove deadlines of NEEDING to complete work in a set time frame. Let the need dissolve so you allow in the ideas. Allowing in ideas reduces any tension in receiving ideas. From that chill energy, you act on the ideas to get the job done.

Relaxation prospers because the mind becomes receptive to – and acts on – prospering ideas in a non-resistant state. The quickest way to emit a non-resistant vibe involves removing any resistant approaches to getting work done, from setting timelines to setting punishing ultimatums, to doing anything to force yourself to complete the task.

Move entirely out of these resistant, fear-based ways to get the job done. Use non-resistance. Work from love. Have fun with the process of working. Get the job done not so much to complete the job but to enjoy working the job. Note how genuinely happy, highly wealthy, powerful people all have a deep passion for their craft, for honing their skills, and for building their business or careers. Every happy, highly successful person so enjoyed work that the job or business felt like play to them.

Cultivate this frame of mind by either falling in love with your gig or releasing it to follow your passion.

The more you love your work the less and less you need to set deadlines because putting in the work immediately and getting the job done will be a joy, pleasure, and absolutely no problem.Click To Tweet“The more you love your work the less and less you need to set deadlines because putting in the work immediately and getting the job done will be a joy, pleasure, and absolutely no problem.”

I agree with you, Ryan, let the creative ideas flow

Thank you, Ryan


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