What is creative visualization?

Inside the mind lies a powerful resource that provides us with the tools we need to develop new skills through creative visualization. We must discover our way in life, so go into your mind and down the subliminal lane where you will find answers to all your questions. These answers are there to help you solve your problems while developing your skills in reaching goals.

Our perceptions either help us to gain or lose control. It is hiding in our subconscious mind and reflects in our lives. Visualizations or mental images are an illustration of this hidden mind.
The subconscious will help us to learn new ways of living. For example, when you begin to visualize with your visual eye, it begins to systematize the colors and pictures in your mind.

With every new learning phase, the mind stores supplementary information we can use later.
Through practice, we have the power to train the subconscious mind, reinforcing it to adapt to new changes. We have the ability to train the subconscious mind, and it will help us to create the life we desire. One tool to do this is creative visualization.


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How to do creative visualization

First, think of what you would like to create, better health, more prosperity, a vacation, a job, more friends, and happiness. It would be easier to start with something which you think is not too difficult to reach and what you feel would be possible to reach in a short time. If you have success with this, you will be more confident to reach bigger goals. For example, you may look at a picture of a vacation destiny to visualize it easily.
With practice, later, you can set more challenging goals.

See the clear picture or idea in your mind.

Visualize the situation, the object, or whatever it is you desire.  Feel and think of it, how you want it to be and as if you already have it. Create it in your mind and think of it with as many details as possible. Make yourself feel like it is real.
Think of it and focus on it.
During the day, think of your mental picture as often as you can. Take time to sit and meditate on it. Do it in a relaxed and playful way, do not force it.

Think positive about your goal and give it good energy, enjoy the time you are visualizing and also use positive affirmations. Believe that you can reach your goal. Don’t think about the way how it comes to you.

Do not talk to anybody about your dream that does not support you.
Hold your vision, and you will get what you desire.

If you need more information and help with your creative visualization

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