Assume that everybody does the best they can and do not judge.

Do you believe that everybody does the best they can?

Or do you sometimes get upset and judgemental?

If you do the best you can, but some people do not understand the reason behind it, they will judge you too. It is not a good feeling and will cause stress, worry, and fear if you are not doing it with confidence and awareness. Others do things, and if we have different expectations, we start to judge. But from their level of consciousness, it may be the best they can do. Let’s assume everybody does the best they can, and not judge, it will be more pleasant for them and us.

“We judge others according to our image of perfection as well, and naturally they fall short of our expectations.” Miguel Ruiz

Here is another guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph. He will tell us his view of this subject.

Thank you, Ryan

Everybody Does the Best They Can, Based on Their Awareness

Guess what? The person who screamed at you for driving slowly did the best they could, based on their awareness.

How about the parent who seems stuck in their old, damaging, unhappy ways? Yep; they are doing the best they know how to do.

What about the spouse who flips out on you for the 1000th time based on something that genuinely is not your fault? He/She, once again, is doing the best they can do based on their level of awareness.

Most humans genuinely mean well but seem completely ignorant of their thoughts and feelings. Imagine burying your fears for decades. Your worst fear is to actually embrace pain, sorrow, grief, and doubt. What happens? All the suppressed fear finds an outlet through self-abuse, abusing others, alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, and a general snap-reaction to any life event triggering the fear.


I just left New York City after a short trip. Drivers sometimes lean on the horn for, literally, 10 seconds or longer, screaming at fellow motorists for the mildest of traffic transgressions. Leaning on a car horn for 10 seconds seems childish or outright rude to most people, but that human being is doing the best they can do based on the fear-pain they buried and based on their limited level of awareness.

everybody does they best they can


Being aware that everybody is simply doing the best they can, based on their level of awareness liberates you from judgment. Basically, any human who does NOT operate from the dominant energy of love, compassion, harmony, and peace, largely ignores their fears, burying these energies. Of course, the fear manifests in many ways, like working a job they dislike because they fear to go broke, or working a job they hate to distract themselves from facing their deepest fears, or perhaps, their fears bubble up by judging others, by fighting others or by flat out shutting out the world, for fear of being rejected by humanity.

Every person who does not vibe mainly from peace, harmony, and abundance is trying to do the best they can, based on what they know, but their ignorance of mental science creates the appearance of a lost soul.

Forgive yourself for judging these people. Forgive these people if some appear to treat you unfairly. Everybody does the best they can, even if they appear to be genuinely nasty, hateful or evil. The most seemingly evil, barbarous people in human history seemed like walking devils and did horrific things, but at their level of unspeakable fear, pain, suffering, rage, and anger, that few humans will ever know, they did what they thought was the right thing, or, what needed to be done, their version of “best” being unspeakable and demon-like to most of us.

Your job as a human being is not to judge, because the judgment of any person reflects your shadows, your fears, your pain, your anger, and your grief. If you see evil in others, the evil is in you. Ouch. But we all know; you are doing the best you can, as we are all doing the best we can.

everybody does they best they can

Everybody, at their intimate level of awareness, does the best they can.

We are all spirits living in meat suits for a little bit. Some people have full awareness of their spiritual nature, the enlightened beings of the world. The rest of us living a worldly life can do our best to realize that everybody does the best they can, based on their level of awareness.

The angry person who acts like a 4-year-old, throwing temper tantrums, is filled with fear and pain and is doing the best they can, being completely ignorant of their fear and pain.

The woman living in the inner city who sees herself as a victim, being abused by circumstance, is so filled with fear and pain that she agrees with politicians and religious types who program her to believe she is a victim. She is doing the best she can do, based on her level of awareness.

Have compassion for people. Love people. Before you judge anybody, remember that they are doing the best they can, based on their level of awareness.

Thank you, Ryan 🙂


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What about you? Do you judge easily or do you assume People doing their best based on their awareness?

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