Easy Steps to Make Self-Acceptance And Self-Love a Habit

Overcoming self-hatred – How do you get into self-acceptance and self-love?
We can make self-acceptance and self-love a habit.  In my post Why do people hate themselves?  I did write about the reasons for self-hatred. Many people have trouble accepting themselves. 
Self-hatred is the most extreme form of self-denial. You put yourself down inside, every day, every moment.
But […]

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Why Do People Hate Themselves And How To Change It?

Why do people hate themselves?
What is self-hatred, and what is self-love?

There was a discussion about self-love; my  Blogger friend  Donna Merill had posted an image and wrote: “I cannot stress how important it is to love yourself. If you want to help others … you have to love yourself first.”
She had put this image, and […]

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Be Kind To Yourself Because You Deserve To Feel Good

Do you know how important it is to be kind to yourself?
Or do you feel uncomfortable with being kind to yourself and think it is silly or childish?
Do you realize that being kind to yourself is the best thing you can do
for yourself?

When you are thinking during the day, you may not be very kind […]

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