Learn From Mistakes And Problems And Turn Them Into Opportunities

How can you turn problems and mistakes into opportunities and grow personally?
If you learn from mistakes and problems you can grow personally. Looking back in life, I can see every problem or mistake was for a reason and made me learn. They can guide us in the right direction and make us aware of opportunities.

Are […]

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We Are What We Think About – The Ways Of Thinking

Are there different ways of thinking?
If you are not a genius, so you can still apply the strategies and methods that once Aristotle and Einstein used to organize the power of a creative mind.
Ways of Thinking

1.   Look at problems from many different angles and find different views.
Leonardo da Vinci was convinced that at the […]

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The Law of Thinking – We Are What We Think About

The Law of Thinking is one of the most important Universal Laws.                      
Are we what we think?

Often we are not aware of this, but we have the power to change our thoughts.

This means we can learn to get aware of our thoughts. Whenever we feel […]

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