Are there different ways of thinking?

If you are not a genius, so you can still apply the strategies and methods that once Aristotle and Einstein used to organize the power of a creative mind.

Ways of Thinking

We Are What We Think

1.   Look at problems from many different angles and find different views.

Leonardo da Vinci was convinced that at the begin we must review a problem in different forms.

2. Run the problem in your mind!

As soon as Einstein wanted to think through a problem, he thought it necessary to think of many different variations of a problem and he visualized solutions.

3. Produce! Productivity makes a genius different from others.

Thomas Edison held 1,093 patents. Famous scientists have not only publishes excellent work but also a lot of bad, they were not afraid to fail.

4. Discover new combinations!

Combine ideas and thoughts in different versions, even if they seem to be absurd.
Gregor Mendel (a monk from Austria) combined two completely different areas, biology, and mathematics, and developed the law of heredity, the base of the new science of genetics.

5. Form relationships and make connections between different areas.

Da Vinci tried to find a relationship between the sound of a bell and a falling stone on a water surface. This led him to the discovery of sound waves.

6 Think in opposites!

Physicist Niels Bohr was of the opinion that by bringing together opposites’ thoughts, the mind gets to a new level. His ability to understand light both as a particle and as a wave led to his idea of the principles of supplementation.

7 Think metaphorically!

Aristotle said that metaphors are a sign of genius. He believed that someone who is able to link similarities of two completely different areas is an individual with a special gift is.

8 Be prepared for accidents!

Once an attempt fails, we tend to give up to begin something new. Failure can be extremely helpful to find ways to change and get different results. Not the question of why did I fail, but rather the question of, what did I do wrong, leads to solutions to problems.

Most important for the right way of thinking, is a calm, clear mind and right, deep breathing, which can be archived through meditation.

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