The Dandelion Story – Creative Visualization And Imagination Skills?

How my Grandkids learned creative visualization and trained their imagination.
We created the Dandelion Story.
When my grandkids were little, we always went for a walk in summer in the meadow and around the pond. They liked the flowers and butterflies and noticed the bees and the frog.

Creative visualization and imagination are essential skills.
In winter, I often […]

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The Art Of Visualization And Meditation – What Is The Benefit?

What is the art of Visualization and Meditation?
How can you use Visualization for meditation? There are many types of meditation, and many people realize the importance of meditation in their lives. Even medical practitioners now accept meditation as a way to deal with health issues like depression.

Meditation is considered an artwork in itself. It takes a bit of […]

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We Are What We Think About – The Ways Of Thinking

Are there different ways of thinking?
If you are not a genius, so you can still apply the strategies and methods that once Aristotle and Einstein used to organize the power of a creative mind.
Ways of Thinking

1.   Look at problems from many different angles and find different views.
Leonardo da Vinci was convinced that at the […]

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How Affirmation And Visualization Can Help You Making Decisions

Decisions and Improvement via Affirmation and Visualization
All of us have to make decisions in life. The problem is many people fail to think through problems to find the best solutions to resolve the issues. We must follow the thinking procedures that allow us to think through every problem we face. It builds our decision-making abilities. […]

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