Decisions and Improvement via Affirmation and Visualization

All of us have to make decisions in life. The problem is many people fail to think through problems to find the best solutions to resolve the issues. We must follow the thinking procedures that allow us to think through every problem we face. It builds our decision-making abilities. We can use the critical thinking process to unravel problems, but to make good decisions, we must give extra thought. We can use visualization to analyze our problem-solving ability.

Making choices allows us to solve problems. To become an effective decision-maker, use your thinking process to find the most effective choice. Evaluate your decisions to consider the best resolution to your problems. Think about your decisions again; some issues take longer to resolve than other problems. When you affirm and visualize your plan, act on it without hesitating.


An affirmation is a statement of approval. So it is a confirmation that a certain fact corresponds to reality. As with visualization, you can use affirmations for you or against you. Affirmations like, “I’m smart, I’m strong, I can do this” are positive because they empower you. Negative affirmations like, “I’m stupid, I can’t do this,” prevent you from realizing your true potential.

If you say positive affirmations to yourself during the visualization, you can increase the intensity of the perceived feelings and, thereby, the visualization.


Act on your plan

It makes no sense to make a plan without acting on it. To make a good decision, first, consider the reason for the problem. Once you found the cause, move to find the effects. Consider the pros and cons and go for the most effective solution. Repeat these steps until you feel sure that you have the right answer.

By repeating this procedure every time, you will learn to be a better decision-maker. Recollect that your decision, the choice that you just made, will produce positive results or negative conclusions. The end result will show the road you will take.

For this reason, it is important to visualize our self-solving problems, make good decisions, and analyze the data in our minds. Sometimes, you will make mistakes while you are building decision-making skills, but you learn from your mistakes. Don’t let this discourage you. Negative thinking leads you nowhere and will lead you on a pessimistic road. Over time, you could build destructive behaviors, habits, and thoughts, and it will continue until you decide to use affirmation and visualization to bring your thoughts back in a positive direction.

When you cannot decide in life, listen to your inner being at that time, and then you will find the answers to your questions. -Rajesh Vairapandian. Some things require visualization; without it, it is impossible to achieve them.-Rajesh Vairapandian.


Critical thinking

Using your critical thinking and following the steps to make better decisions is the beginning of a growth mindset. All of us have inner strengths and have to discover the self by continuing self-development. One of the best methods to find your strengths is to find your weaknesses. We are inspired to do this through self-development.

One of the most effective methods to help you with this is creative visualization, affirmations, and writing your thoughts down. Once you write down your thoughts and emotions, it usually helps you to keep focus while visualizing what you feel. You will discover answers to your problems by writing. The more you practice, the better you get.

Remember that we all make decisions in life. Our choice is the final decision that determines our results. If you want to have good results, you have to work to develop your intuition through visualization and affirmation. This will make you strong and realize the power of your mind.

You don’t need to know HOW your goal will happen – you just need to make the decision that it WILL happen. – BobProctor

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