How can you Master Change in this time of fear and crisis?

In the past few months, we have all had to do with changes. After all, our lives did turn upside down in a short time, and our everyday lives are still far from what they were before the Corona crisis.

Alarming events are currently on the increase. Anti-democratic forces influence governments around the world. People demonstrate against the fundamental rights restrictions. The situation shows that we don’t always have everything under control.

Many changes are deliberately coming about.
It can be a very uncomfortable change, such as loss of a job or sudden other restrictions.
How can we deal with this situation? Be alarmed, but don’t panic, and be aware.

There is a lot of fear involved, especially when we are dissatisfied with the situation. After all, we leave our usual comfort zone and do not know what to expect. But remember: There is a Higher Power in this universe, that is more powerful than any circumstances and conditions.

Fear Is Increasing – How To Handle It

Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?

Why are changes so difficult for us?

Our paradigms are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and give us a feeling of security and familiarity, even if it makes us unhappy. That’s why so many people stay in jobs, relationships, or routines that are not good for them. The fear of change is often due to a lack of trust in coping with the new situation.

We usually expect the worst scenario and forget about the possible positive effects. Courage and self-confidence can make it easier to bring about change actively. But what can you do if you are in the middle of an unplanned, phase of change?

Here are some tips to help you deal better with changes.

How Do You Change the World for Good

How To Master Change And Be Stronger Than Circumstances

Avoid stress and make sure to have enough serenity.

Changes have a high potential for stress, so it is essential to take good care of yourself. Especially, sports and exercise are ideal for reducing stress. Therefore, do regular mindfulness training like meditation and breathing exercises.
Practicing these techniques reduces the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. You can find here mental exercises, and guided meditation. It helps you to cultivate more calm and serenity in troubled times. Try to take at least 5 to 10 minutes a day for yourself; it helps to stay more relaxed if you go through changes.

Do not suppress emotions.

It is natural for you to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions at the beginning of a significant change: from fear to grief to confusion and from anger to positive emotions. Perceive all feelings as reactions of your body and name them without evaluating them. Do not suppress anything and let tears flow.

Suppression can even show up in the form of physical illnesses. If you have painful feelings or thoughts, maybe it helps you to talk or write about it. Especially, extensive discussions with a trusted person can be a great relief.

1 Technique to Develop Peace of Mind

Accept what is

When change occurs in your life, and you can not change the situation, acceptance is the best to find inner peace. Acceptance means accepting something as it is and not evaluating it. See change as a part of life.

Take your time to get used to the new situation. It is not easy to accept something that feels difficult and undesirable. How well we can adapt and accept changes and severe conditions depends on our resilience. Mental resilience helps us to survive crises. Mental training and a positive attitude towards life can help you to strengthen your resilience.

How To Master Change And Be Stronger Than Circumstances


Chang can also be an opportunity.

Every change, whether good or bad, is also a new opportunity. Try to find something positive in a unique situation. If a phase of life ends, see it as a fresh start.
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You will probably look back later and see the positive aspects of change and what you learned from it. Maybe it is time to master change and live a new life.

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Did you experience change before? Are you afraid of change?