Do you lack Energizers?

There are two often overlooked energizers and in his guest post, our Friend Ryan Biddulph will tell you the secret.

2 Often Overlooked Energizers

I meditate for 20-30 minutes daily.

I do 30 minutes of Kriya yoga.

I do 90 minutes of yin yoga.

I power walk for 90 minutes.

Each practice energizes me quite nicely. But I really put things into overdrive by following 2 often overlooked energizing strategies.

Sleep….a Lot

After running into some resistance a few weeks ago I felt an inner nudge: sleep…..a lot.

People ask what they can *do* to *get* more energy. Drink a coffee? Down an espresso? Both inorganic approaches provide temporary, fleeting energy bursts. Exercising, doing yoga, and meditating all boost your energy too but sleeping is overlooked in many regards because few folks advise you to sleep a lot because doing nothing is often frowned upon as an energy booster.

I go to bed at 1 AM or 2 AM these days. I lay in bed until 11 AM. Some days I sleep for 10 hours. Other days I sleep for 8 hours but meditate, laze or observe for 2 hours in bed. Do you know why I love sleeping? Sleep is the ultimate form of surrender. I allow the Universe to do what it does best while I rest and recharge my body and renew my mind. I get my ego out of the manifesting process when I’m snoring.

As with any strategy, listen to your body. Some folks feel incredibly energized, calm, and stabilized after 6 hours of sleep. But most people likely deem 8-9 hours or longer to be a lot of sleep, or, ample sleep.

Sleeping a bunch energizes me, anchors me in the moment, lets me think clearly and act effectively throughout the day. I run into no exhausted, burned-out walls during afternoon or evening hours. I vibe high from 11 AM to 1 AM or 2 AM daily because the 9-10 hours I spend in bed give me ample rest and recovery for the 14 to 15 waking hours I spend blogging, traveling, and engaging in my energy management ritual.

Tell the Truth

Lies burden you, weigh you down, and sap your energy. Trying to convey a perfect, rosy image of your life 100% of the time exhausts you because you are acting, not being you, transparent and genuine in all you do.

Telling the truth lightens your load and energizes you, unlike few practices. But telling the truth may be the most overlooked energizing strategy ever.

Don’t you feel absolutely amazing – albeit a bit uncomfortable – after telling the truth to someone, especially when it involves sharing a fear, some vulnerability? Having a clear conscience, being genuine, and being flat out authentic allow you to seamlessly glide through the day as the light and love that you are.

Not telling the truth by lying creates a heavy energetic anchor of guilt, shame, embarrassment, defensiveness, and other insidious energies that feel like a 100-pound weighted vest strapped onto your body.

Telling the truth means being:
  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Honest
  • Transparent in sharing your wins, losses, happiness, depression, victories, struggles, and everything in between

Never paint your life as being perfect, rosy, and seamless 100% of the time on Facebook. You ain’t the Dalai Lama or another enlightened being like Christ or Buddha. People who live a worldly life may be happy most of the time but struggle, suffer, fear pain, experience loss and worry at least a little bit of the time.

2 Often Overlooked Energizers

Never Lie and Always Tell the Truth

Post a Facebook update about grieving your mom, or feeling depressed about business struggles, or fearing how the world appears to be falling apart today. Navigating in the cyber world as you try to maintain a perfect, spotless, “always happy” image creates a heavy, energy-sapping, non-genuine yolk that weighs you down. Among the vacation pictures, family pictures, and smiling selfies, share one of your scared, vulnerable, grieving moments here and there. Guaranteed, you will energize yourself substantially by sharing wins, losses, and all in between.

Hiding less glamorous aspects of your life creates a literal energetic burden that exhausts you. Release the energetic load; be transparent, be honest, tell the truth, and energize yourself as you release and dissolve this strength-sapping burden.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” Eckhart Tolle


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Now you know the two often overlooked energizers.

2 Often Overlooked Energizers

What about you? Do you generate enough energy? Maybe you need the two often overlooked energizers?  Or the right trigger?

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