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What are these two steps to free the world?  Number one is maybe the most important for every human being: meditating, doing yoga, developing spiritually, and BE. Everybody can do it; it is not even difficult and can be pleasant. Who does not want to be more conscious and live life from the heart and in the reality of love? The second step needs effort; not everybody may be aware and ready to demand disclosure.

As far as I can see, most of it is very open, only censored, and not available to those who do not search. The only way to free the world is unity and disobedience to the rulers; this is my opinion coming from experience.

“If a psychiatric and scientific inquiry were to be made upon our rulers, mankind would be appalled at the disclosures.”- Alfred Korzybski.

Another guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph.   He will tell us more here about the two steps humanity needs to take to free the world.

Thank you, Ryan

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2 Steps to Free the World

Stellar civilizations have taught us how human beings on planet earth need to take two steps to free the world.

1: Develop yourself spiritually.

2: Demand full disclosure from your government.

Following these 2 steps will free all sentient beings from the illusions of fear, manipulation, control, poverty, and division. Developing yourself spiritually dissolves the illusion of fear into the reality of love. Humanity will have fewer problems as more human beings live predominantly from love versus fear. Demanding full disclosure influences governments around the world, to tell the truth. Truth will set everyone free because all humans know deep down how truths long-withheld will help to liberate humanity.

2 Steps to Free the World

1: Develop Yourself Spiritually

Meditate. Do yoga. Practice forgiveness. Show compassion. Developing yourself spiritually allows you to see through the illusion of fear. Doing so also allows you to live in the reality of love. How can the world be bound or held down if more and more humans love each other, live in peace, and stop blaming, fighting, and assailing other human beings?

2 Steps to Free the World

The world appears to be bound because no governments on planet earth make spiritual training part of compulsory education. Imagine the power of teaching meditation from K-12 in every nation on earth? Mastering your mind, being spiritually advanced, and becoming hyper-aware of your thoughts and feelings creates one more liberated, free, peaceful being to help free the world of its delusory pining.

Make developing yourself spiritually THE priority of your life, even if you live a worldly life. Kriya master Lahiri Mahasaya became an enlightened being while living a worldly life. He worked a job to pay bills, married, and rose children all while walking the spiritual path. Perhaps enlightenment is not in the works for you but you can develop yourself spiritually enough to be one more free soul who helps free the world.

Every human problem is fear. Conquering fear to live from love dissolves every human problem.

But one such problem needs clear addressing, as follows.

2: Demand Full Disclosure from Your Government

Demand full disclosure from your government. Demand government officials to tell you the truth about long-hidden secrets. Every government has secrets. Divulging these secrets will help to liberate humanity.

I have no doubt that the nation has suffered more from undue secrecy than from undue disclosure. The government takes good care of itself.- Daniel Schorr

Let no prominent government member or politician off of the hook. Stop fighting opposing parties. Realize how we are all on the same team because 7 billion unified human beings demanding disclosure reveal secrets guaranteed to free humanity from war, poverty, division, and depression.

2 Steps to Free the World

Demand your favorite politician disclose long-buried truths. Be patient and persistent. Diligently question government members of prominence to discover their true motive. Remember; all government members work for you because you gave them the power to be in office. Questioning politicians and demanding their full disclosure is simply asking them to do their job of serving you, empowering you, and being a loyal public servant.

Although humanity largely frees itself through step #1, taking step #2 ends:

  • All political fighting
  • All government bickering
  • Wars
  • Poverty
  • Party systems

Demanding full disclosure eventually leads to disclosure freeing humanity from worldly shackles.

Do your global duty as a citizen of planet earth.

2 steps to free the world

Develop yourself spiritually.

Demand full disclosure. The time has come for governments around the world to share what they know.

Free yourself and help your fellow beings free themselves.

Do you need more peace in your life?

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