A View On Yoga and  Meditation for a better living

Yoga and Meditation are among a few proven practices that can help many people to have a more peaceful and content life. I am grateful to live in a tranquil place, but I can sense the energy difference when I get near a city and imagine how stressful life is there.

We are drifting more and more away from our true nature in our stressful times.
Many people spend more time in front of the TV or computer than in nature or with themselves.
There are more health issues, and we often hear about depression.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of how to access their inner peace or do not take the time to do so. It results in mental stresses such as anxiety, dissatisfaction, restlessness, nervousness, and various physical problems and diseases.

Most physical diseases have their roots in the spiritual and mental arena.

I have been writing about being more mindful, and many agreed that it is a good practice. But who is really doing it or takes time for serenity regularly?

What are Yoga and Meditation Really?

Meditation and Yoga are tools to achieve inner peace, balance, and happiness, which help increase our awareness. Yoga is not only about headstands and strange postures, as many think. It can be started by everyone easily, and Meditation alone can make a big difference and bring more calmness to life.

A View On Yoga And Meditation

The basic idea of Yoga is to unite the body, mind, and soul together through Meditation, concentration, breathing, and movement. Both technics are a way to connect and find the inner dimension of oneself.

Yoga is a science unaffiliated with religion. Yoga is not just exercise, but a ladder to the divine.-Sadhguru

We focus today more on the body as the center, while the original Yoga teachings are concerned with understanding how our mind works and what we can do to be calm, collected, and peaceful.
The ideal is both aspects, the movements in Yoga Karana or vinyasa (or flow) called – and posture – asana – which is firm but relaxed, makes the body more flexible and more powerful and at the same time calms the mind.


What is Yoga Meditation - A View On Yoga Meditation
Yoga and Meditation are to rest coming from continuously changing mental patterns.
We can rest in ourselves, have no fears and worries, do not have to judge or think about right and wrong.
If the lake of my mind is quiet and I can see down to the bottom, then I can enter into a silence that is my real, immortal, and blissful nature.

But how can we achieve this goal now?

In my opinion, through mindfulness and awareness.
And not just during yoga practice but also throughout daily life.
For example, you are checking once you brush your teeth or eat! Where are your thoughts, your focus?
Give each activity, and no matter how banal, your undivided attention, and you will find yourself already on the path of Yoga.
You wonder now, perhaps, if that’s so simple, why are there yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditations?
Since our mind is easily distracted by various thoughts or dwindling attention, we need to use the tool of Yoga: physical exercises. Exercises like: – asanas, Breathing exercises – pranayama, Gestures – mudras, and Meditation, to name just a few. It allows us to influence the body over the mental plane; we can realize the fusion of body-mind-spirit on the path of Yoga.

Yoga promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being!

Through specific postures and breathing techniques, Yoga provides serenity, new energy, and vitality – factors that open the heart ( in Yoga, the seat of the soul ) to feel truly alive.

Although there are many styles of Yoga, Hatha Yoga is the most widespread in the Western world.

The focus is more on the physical aspect: While we breathe and relax, specific postures help to stretch us to bend, to bring into balance and focus. These positions strengthen the entire body, increase mobility, promote balance, and support circulation.

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In addition to the physical benefits, Yoga also promotes a conscious, concentrated mind. With enough practice, you will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and feel relaxed or tense. Also, we will be aware of your feelings, needs, and wishes. This awareness will help you accept things better and develop a clear, strong mind, ready for all the world’s challenges!

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga.’

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ derives from the verbal root -yuj, which means ‘connect’ and ‘yoking.’ Yoga translated directly means “to unite.” And this refers to the Unity between body, mind, and the indwelling itself or Sanskrit: ‘Atman.’

The conscious experience of this unit is called Yoga or self-realization.

The famous commentator of classical Yoga – Patanjali Rishi, who has lived more than 2,000 years ago in India, Rishi Patanjali describes that Yoga is an inner state. A state of absolute harmony and peace, the source of any more profound joy and fundamental trust.

Yoga and Meditation show through the different practices how you come to this inner peace, which is the prerequisite for any lasting success in life.

What is Yoga Meditation - A View On Yoga Meditation

Yoga has nothing to do with religion.

Although Yoga as a philosophical system has its roots in yogic science called Sanatana Dharma,
Yoga has nothing to do with religion.
The status of Unity is consciously or unconsciously present in every human being, regardless of whether he belongs to a religious community or not.
Yoga teaches universality, which stands above all religions and does not interfere. Yoga is open and tolerant and rejects fanaticism. Fanaticism is the true enemy of the people.
Just as we can see to the bottom of a lake when its water is still, when we quiet the mind, we see the situations that arise in our lives with greater clarity and can make wiser choices.
As soon as the waves have stopped and the lake has become quiet, we see its bottom. So with the mind, we know what our nature is when it is calm.

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