Do You Know What Your 2 Biggest Assets Are?

What are your 2 biggest assets?  In this guest post, Romil Rambhad will tell you about the most valuable assets you own in life. See, if you are aware of them?  Learn to use them to your benefit.

Thank you, Romil


Your 2 Biggest Assets

We usually associate the term “asset” with finance and investments, but let’s look at it from a different perspective: personal success.

Your most valuable asset is not your home, vehicles, jewelry, or business. If you ask any highly successful person what their most valuable asset is, they will never include items that many of us consider valuable.

People we look up to have a completely different perspective on their most valuable asset, which can never be purchased. It is “Mind” and “Time”


“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.” — Harvey MacKay.

your 2 assets

We all have 24 hours each day, and each of us spends it differently than the other; there is no right or wrong way to spend time, but how a person spends his time speaks volumes about the value of his time in his eyes.

Ask yourself a simple question. The task I am doing right now will it benefit me, in the long run, to achieve my goal in any way? Most of us flow with the day without setting priorities, and at the end of the day, we
feel we haven’t utilized our day. Am I Right?

A youth spends time freely without regard for productivity, a professional is concerned with his time and the impact he makes, and an elderly man is willing to spend time sharing his experiences. Determine your bracket, and if you want to achieve great things, start being conscious of where you spend your time right now.

It is your goal to assess how you will use your time each day and to review how you used it at the end of the day. Why did you do what you did if it didn’t get you closer to one of your goals? Make it as simple
as possible. You were either propelled or repelled by how you spent your time.

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“Your mind is your guide! With a clever mind, you will have a life full of light! Improve your mind, improve your real savior!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan.

The Mind is a Powerful asset and a supermachine. People with great success in their field have learned how to use it to their benefit, while others aren’t even aware of how to use it.

Your mind opens doors to opportunities for wealth, health, peace, and prosperity, as well as financial wisdom. You may transform obstacles into possibilities thanks to your imagination. Your external world is a product of your inner world. And your mind creates an engine that will drive you to that success.

Your mind connects you to opportunities, dreams, and the means to make them come true. Your mind selects a profession for you, allowing you to pursue it and make it a reality with determination, perseverance, and sustained effort.

The mind is what sets humans apart from other species; it gives us the capacity to function exceptionally well as humans and to make good decisions and move quickly.  The question I have for you is, have you invested in your mind?

You need to pursue personal development. That kind of education is not available through formal education. Reading motivational books, watching self-improvement videos, enrolling in practical courses, going to seminars, and other means of self-training are all necessary.

You need to accept that we are no longer in the industrial age but in the information age. We are living in the Golden Time. Your mind will improve when you consume Educating and Powerful content that empowers you.

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