How to get through tough times?

Another guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph. He will tell us what is critical to do and Be, to conquer fears and get through tough times.

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your experience.

Do You Want to Get through Tough Times?


Do You Want to Get through Tough Times?

First, focus on your mental health.

Then, focus on your physical health.

Improve your mental health. Improve your physical health. Life improves for you if you improve yourself. Something neat happens after you take care of your mental health and physical health; you begin caring more for the mental and physical health of other human beings. Caring for other human beings elicits even greater feelings of love, joy, and serenity.

People believe I am always happy. Sometimes I feel a little down – like every human being – but I do feel happy, relaxed, and serene, almost all of the time. Why? I spend 3-4 hours daily improving my mental and physical health. Then, I spend most of my day serving people through my blog and guest posts. I cap things off with some entertaining online streaming. I also do some tourist stuff wherever I am in the world. That’s it. That’s the secret of my happiness.

What About Tough Times?

I do not experience tough times now because I faced, felt, and released most of my deepest fears – my mental health and physical health and generous service campaigns triggered each – which fueled my tough times.

Facing, feeling, and releasing my deep fears allowed me to see through the illusion of tough worldly times seemingly crippling people who resist their deepest fears.

Imagine if you deeply fear disease and death. NOT facing, feeling, and releasing your fears makes the world a horror show for you if, say, a virus appears to plague humanity. Even worse? Fears of disease and death often trigger fears related to money loss, isolation, and general loneliness, associated with quarantines and the closing of public places.

Conquering fear

Conquering your intimately personal fears removes the illusory fear fueling tough times. Literally, you see THROUGH the illusion of tough times because love sees blessings, abundance, wealth, and compassion, not tough times.

Tough times are for scared people. Scared people who feel and release fears literally cannot perceive times as being tough because resistance dissolves into love. The world has entered liberating times because humanity has been forced to face its mass fear unlike few times during civilization. The only answer is to face, feel, and release your intimately deep, personal fears now. Being more fearless and more loving, you see increased opportunities for service, expanded blessings and you feel more at peace, too. Everything begins when you make a personal decision to improve your mental health, your physical health, and the mental wellness of other human beings by sharing your gifts with the world.

Get through Tough Times

Mental hygiene and physical fitness

I meditate, do Kriya yoga, do yin yoga, and power walk through the forest these days. Following this daily ritual for hours allows me to practice mental hygiene and physical fitness. I follow my fun. And I face fear. I keep going. Being more fearless, compassionate, and loving moved my attention to serving other people. I uncovered some of my gifts. Now it’s time to share my gifts with the world.

I help other people see that if you face YOUR fears, the tough times end for you. Plus, you understand that the illusion of mass fear is the only foundation propping up tough times.

Humanity seems to be slowly evolving out of the Matrix mentality but a massive fear purge is the only way to facilitate this process. Poison needs to be drawn out of a wound for recovery to take place.

Tough times are figments of fear. Face your fear. Tough times dissolve. Practice emotional hygiene and physical fitness to face, feel, and release your fears. Empower humanity to help people see through tough times.

We are evolving. Things may seem to be getting a bit messy now but everything continues to come together daily.

Face your fears to see through the illusion and its tough times to empower humanity to do the same.


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