Do you let yourself influence by fear or love?

Do you realize when an influence tries to scare or love you? Are you aware or do you get affected easily? Being aware of the energy and feelings will help to stay centered and prevents that you get manipulated. Many people these days have difficulties with this and let themselves be controlled by media, scared people, and circumstances.

In this guest post, our friend Ryan Biddulph will share his rules and how he handles the influence who tries to scare or love you.

Thank you, Ryan

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Does It Try to Scare You Or Love You?

I have a general rule.

Observing influences, I ask myself if the influence tries to scare me or love me?

Sounds funny, right? But this simple question brought me peace of mind, calm, freedom, and love, unlike any other practice. I stopped following the news based on asking this simple question. News media attempts to scare me with the illusion of fear. I stopped watching the news because I give my attention and energy to loving influences.

Asking this question of humans feels uncomfortable sometimes. Friends, family, and casual acquaintances may have scared you for years but you were unaware of their scary influence. Ask the question now. Wait for an honest answer. Release people who try to scare you with fear. Keep around people who shower love and support onto you.

The Confusing Difference

Some family and friends who love you may attempt to scare the heck out of you. Parents seem to be the biggest offenders in this regard. Minimize contact with loving people who warn you, scare you, and attempt to dissuade you from doing what you love doing because family and friends fear for your safety, comfort, or general well-being.

Imagine being a world traveler. Picture your mom or dad deeply fearing for your safety as you circle the globe. Appreciate their concern but limit contact with any human being who tries to fill your mind with images of fear, attempting to frighten you out of living your dreams. Surround yourself with people who shower you with love, support, and good vibes. Even though it feels confusing to deal with loving people who try to scare you we all know when it’s time to break away from people – family or not – who are no longer on the same wavelength.

Align to Shine

Align yourself with people, places, and things resonant with your dreams. Surround yourself with loving, caring influences. Lose the news. Replace with meditating, reading a book like A Course in Miracles, and ramping up your exercise campaign. Trash low energy entertainment based on the world falling apart, whether movies, TV, or streaming videos. Replace with high energy entertainment, from YouTube, to streaming to movies designed to lift you up, to make you laugh, and to create a sense of peace in you.

Everything in life is alignment. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I spend a hefty portion of my day aligning with high energy activities, people, and things to manifest more love and freedom in my life.

I also become hyper-aware of low energy influences, dropping lower energies like a hot potato. Our current location offers regular cable TV versus internet TV. Even though I watch streaming on my laptop I simply turned on the TV for the first time in a decade to see what the experience felt like. I turned off the TV within 5 minutes after observing fear-based, manipulative commercials for politicians, prescription drugs, and reality TV. Politicians and drug companies attempt to scare you into action. The entertainment industry largely wants to scare you into believing you’re missing out if you do not tune in to the latest reality TV show, to fill an assumed void in your life.

Observe influences in your life. Does it scare you or love you? Let go of the scarers and keep the loving influences around.


Do scaring influences try to dissuade you from living your dreams?

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