Do you create your problems through fear in your mind?

If we analyze our problems, we always get to fear. Fear to do wrong, fail, hurt somebody, take risks, and so on. And all this we create in our mind.

“Fear is the Root of Your Problems. Every problem you or I have (and they are many, small and large), is rooted in fear.”- Leo Babauta

We have the power to change this.  “The problem is not beyond your control, you are controlling the problem beyond its solution”― Dr.P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Our friend Ryan Biddulph shares his stories and experience in this guest post to help you release fear and solve problems.
Thank you, Ryan

fear in mind

Every Problem Is Fear in Your Mind

The quickest way to solve a problem is to face, feel and release the fear in YOUR mind fueling the problem. 

Ego creates every problem through fear filters.

Every problem you see right now is just fear in your mind coloring a situation. Face and release the fear; the problem vanishes.

People who see a world filled with problems reflect back to self the fear in these individuals’ minds. Humans see the world through the projector of their minds. Imagine an old-school projector in a classic movie theater. Picture the movie reel being exposed to the light, projecting moving images on a screen within the theater. Your mind is identical to the projector in that reality – problems included – simply reflects back to you the content of the movie-film, pictured onto the screen of space.

If you resist fears in your mind, you fill your mental movie reel with both fear and images resonant with the fear; pictures of dis-ease, poverty, death, and division seem to pop up again and again in your experience. But the popping up is simply fear in your mind that you project onto the world. The problems manifest from these fears are simply fear in your mind that you project onto problems.

fear in mind

How You Choose to Perceive Molds Your Experience

Imagine running into domestic problems with family and friends. Perhaps your parents have a problem with how you live your life. But in truth, fear in your mind creates a filter projecting an idea of something called “a problem” onto your parents. Human being parents spoke something called “words” injected with fear-based emotions. How you choose to perceive their words and fears is 100% dependent on the thoughts and feelings you choose in your mind.

Facing, feeling, and releasing fears in your mind related to your relationship with your parents dissolves the problem into an opportunity to practice compassion, acceptance, and peace of mind. Removing fear from your mind levels a once daunting problem into a good-feeling opportunity to see that your parents only judge you harshly because they are afraid for some reason or reasons. You forgive them, release them and carry on with your life without the need for their approval. Count one more problem dissolved as your fear in mind vanishes, compliments of your openness to facing, feeling, and releasing the fear.

No one creates problems for you. Human beings think, feel and act as they do. How you interpret their thoughts, feelings, and actions – through your mind – determines whether or not you see a problem (fear in your mind) or an opportunity (love in your mind) because what you see in the outer world is a pure projection of what you experience in your mind. 

“Our stresses, anxieties, pains, and problems arise because we do not see the world, others or even ourselves as worthy of love.”
—Prem Prakash

Get Busy Facing Fear

When I encounter a seeming problem, I get busy facing and feeling fears in my mind creating the problem. Problems cease being problems the moment I face fears fueling the problem. For example, I suffered through a blog traffic problem for years. But the problem depended 100% on my fear of guest posting, blog commenting, and engaging in a genuine blogger outreach campaign. Facing, feeling, and releasing these fears freed me to guest post, comment on blogs, and engage in genuine blogger outreach. Increased traffic followed, but only because I faced, felt, and released fears fueling the blog traffic problem.

However, most bloggers project their fears onto people, things, and circumstances, blaming problems on people, things and circumstances, versus owning their fears. Doing this handcuffs you because one cannot solve problems seamlessly by avoiding, resisting, and burying the fears causing the problem. Imagine if I blamed Google for my blog traffic problems? Google would hold me hostage, courtesy of me being unwilling to face, feel and release my fear. Any blog traffic problems I would experience going forward would not be Google’s fault but would be my refusal to face, feel and release fear in my mind.

Face Feel and Release

Face your fears.

Feel your fears.

Release your fears.

Live an increasingly problem-free life by starving each one of your problems of their sole fuel: your fears!

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