Are you often stressed out? Here are simple mantras against stress

Discover helpful simple Mantra exercises that will make sure you do not get stressed out by everyday life. It has been proven that Mantras are great for reducing stress.

It will make you feel good when chanting mantras, even if you do not understand the meaning of the words. The Yogic tradition has a tremendous amount of exercises ready for you that directly affect your mind and soothe your nervous system.

Actually, in yogic science, the mind has always been in the foreground, and what is in focus today, namely the physical component is only a side aspect.

You can stabilize the mind with mantra chanting

Especially pleasing are the mantras that can stabilize and lighten the mind. By being continually repeated, they can put an end to the constant flow of thought, or at least sometimes, for a while, fade it into the background. For many people this is difficult.

It is particularly beneficial when stressful thoughts make life difficult for you and keep you from coming to rest.

Incidentally, the beneficial and liberating effects of mantras are in recent years also scientifically proven.

It is said that the sound of mantras calms the activity of our brain, which is related to the rhythm and the constant repetition of the same syllables for a few minutes.

Neuroscientists have found that after a good 15 minutes of rhythmic sound making, the brain takes over the vibration of the rhythm and begins to produce very similar patterns of activity as we experience in the flow. It is the state we experience when we are completely one with ourselves and with what we are doing.

Mantra chanting when and how you should do it

You can work differently with each mantra. The best way to try it is when it’s most suitable for your present state.

For example, the mantra “so ham” chants it when you’re upset or hanging so tight in a thought loop that you can not get out. When you are in such situations and then recite the mantra, your head automatically switches and relaxes. You then come to a state of presence and peace.

And of course, mantras are also particularly suitable for reciting before, during or after the practice of yoga. Try it out, be playful and curious. But one thing you should be aware of so that the contents of a mantra are effective, it takes countless repetitions.

Here are some examples of mantras:


I am this one.
Inhaling: so. Exhaling: ham.


I am.
The emphasis here is on a short A and a long HAM. The mantra always helps when you have lost the connection to your center. If you try it, maybe it will be your favorite mantra.


OM is considered the holiest mantra ever.
There is always someone around the world who is chanting the OM. Always imagine that just when you sound the OM or more powerful AUM, an enlightened yogi or master in the Himalayas does the same. It is a nice feeling to believe you connect with him through the sound of OM/AUM. This mantra allows you to rethink everything again. The tones of A, U, and M should be about the same length. Read more about the meaning below.

Watch a video here >

Learn more about here: Om Meaning & Meditation

May all beings be happy.
It is a beautiful mantra of compassion, countering all the cruelty and indifference that reigns in this world. This mantra is very powerful because, as we know, our thinking determines our actions. You can imagine yourself sending compassion to yourself with this mantra or paying attention to people or animals that are suffering.

This mantra also helps you deal better with painful situations that you can not change. When we connect with the mantra and focus inwardly on helping to lessen the suffering in the world for us and all beings who are important to us, it has strong power.

They are very simple mantras, but they have great power. Since, as already indicated, it takes many repetitions before things work both in the brain and on subtle levels, it is advisable to repeat the mantras as often as possible.

Do you use Mantras?

Try these simple Mantras to stress out and share your experience with us.


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