The art of analyzing and review problems

Have you ever viewed problems from a different perspective? In my opinion, it is an art. I made it a habit for myself to try different views on problems, and usually, it makes it much easier to solve them. If we analyze problems, we realize that the root of all of them is fear. Ask yourself, “What if? “ My friend Eldon Taylor wrote a thought-provoking book with the same title “What If?”, that is very helpful if you want to learn to view problems in a different fashion.

Our friend Ryan Biddulph shared in this guest post his thoughts and experience with us. Thank you, RyanHave You Viewed Problems in this Fashion?

Have You Viewed Problems in this Fashion?

Every problem you ever experienced is fear in your mind.

Fear in your mind has nothing to do with fear in other human beings. Fear in your mind is your intimately personal, inner mis-creation. All problems are mis-creations engineered by your ego. Face the fear, feel the fear, and release the fear to dissolve the problem. Proceed.

Sounds simple, eh? Solving problems is simple logically but uncomfortable emotionally. Who loves feeling fear? And who enjoys hugging uncomfortable emotions? Who digs completely owning their entire human experience, taking complete responsibility for everything? Few humans take these critical steps to dissolve all of their problems. Blaming people feels comfortable. And blaming the economy feels comfortable. Blaming the government, politicians, family, and friends feels comfortable. But blaming anyone or anything instantly shifts your power to the person or thing. Bondage follows. Imprisonment follows. Fear festers.


Picture blaming a family member for all of your life problems. Holding the blame creates a devastating double punch; your fear fueling the problem festers and grows, plus you hand your power over to the family member. Powerless and scared, you forever feel victimized by your family member. Problems multiply. Life seems to get worse. But your problems are not people, places, things, or events. All of your problems are fear in your mind.

Imagine the family member scenario above. You blame your dad for making fun of you during your childhood days, leading to severe self-consciousness issues, a deep fear of criticism, and a general shame-embarrassment seemingly ruining your life. But your dad ain’t the problem; he merely triggered fears in your mind long repressed by you. Owning the problem as YOUR fear – not his creation-fault – lets you slowly but surely wade into, feel and release the fear in your mind.

Have You Viewed Problems in this Fashion?

Picture yourself starting your own online business even though you fear being rejected, criticized, and judged as your business grows. Self-conscious, embarrassed feelings arise in your being as your first few critics masked as unhappy customers and blog readers lob negative reviews your way. Versus blaming your dad for allegedly making you the way you are, make the uncomfortable choice of feeling fears in your mind fueling your self-conscious, embarrassed, scared emotions. Feel shame. Hug embarrassment. Meet anger head-on, as you wish to fight your critics.

Have You Viewed Problems in this Fashion?

Releasing Fear

Something neat happens; facing, feeling, and releasing these fears allows your problems to dissolve. Negative reviewers publish 1-star reviews for a few of your eBooks but you feel relaxed, calm, poised, at peace, and totally unaffected by the reviews. Why? Fear resonant with feeling bad about being criticized and dissolved in your being because you felt the fear in your mind versus blaming your dad for the fear.

Your dad had nothing to do with the fear. He triggered some fears you pick up by watching fellow human beings. You buried the fears for years, making the fears feel stronger, more scary, and more powerful. But feeling and releasing the fears instantly dissolves your problems associated with the fears.

Pay close attention to every problem you ever experienced to quickly see fear in your mind created the problem. Facing fear solved the problem or led to a solution you followed to solve the problem. No one suffers problems outside of their mind, although this appears to be the case. 

Appearances are illusions.

Have You Viewed Problems in this Fashion?

Imagine if the appearance of a pandemic seems to scare you. Dis-ease is a neutral concept. Fear or love in your mind creates panic or poise regarding the dis-ease. Perhaps you believe locking yourself in your home, hiding from humans, and wearing facial diapers addresses the fear-problem of the dis-ease but doing each thing not only makes the fear worse but also adds 5-10 or 20 fears-problems to your life.

Self-quarantining triggers your mental illness as you feel lonely, losing the human touch. Drug addiction, alcohol, and food addiction problems arise in your life, being completely fueled by fears deeply buried in your mind. The list of problems only grows as your fears grow because you do not face, feel, and release the fear-problem fueling the pandemic problem in your mind.

Face fear.

Solve all of your problems.


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What about you? Have you viewed problems in a different fashion?

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