Can we change the World?

I believe we can change the world if only enough of us let go of fear and access the knowledge in us. We know far more than we realize, and this knowledge has nothing to do with reading books or learning things. However, we have to uncover it. Therefore, more people should go inside and also learn to listen to their hearts. Going with the feelings of the heart and fear will disappear. It is my experience.

Here is another guest post from our friend Ryan Biddulph. He is sharing his experiences and his thoughts about Bigfoot, aliens, and other beings. Do I believe in it? I think everything is possible. And I mean, I had experiences with things which seem crazy to me if I look back, yet it was that time very real to me. I have only one friend I can talk about because he too had experiences like this. When I ask him, am I crazy? He says, no.
Many people call themselves psychics. Maybe they experience this even more powerfully. Do I think I am psychic? No. I think we all have these experiences; only most people do not realize or shake them away because they believe it’s phantasy and go not deeper to find out about or feel into it.
Do I believe in Aliens, Bigfoot, and beings? Until now, I did not see one personally. But I am open and know everything is possible.

Everything is possible, as we recently saw. We have to change our perception. A handful of people shut down the whole world using fear. We have to wake up, go inside, listen to our hearts, and let go of fear to be able to change the world for good. We are more powerful than we think.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ― Galileo Galilei

Thank you, Ryan, for sharing your perception and thoughts which make maybe more people dare to talk about things like this.

How Do You Change the World for Good

Allow your light to shine. Go within, face fear, release fear, and change the without.

I watch documentaries during my spare time. For real, I find it fascinating how truth sits right under humanity’s noses, but most seem so lost in the illusion of fear that they reject, scoff at, or flat-out deny the truth. Bigfoot, aliens, and other beings sit right before our eyes. Tens of thousands of honest, hard-working, genuine human beings share both Bigfoot and alien encounter stories.

Who knows how many millions hideaway, withholding their stories in secret, dripping with shame and the rank fear of criticism? Truth is here. Now. But the way to seize truth, and to change the world for good, is to face personal fears, feel personal fears and to release personal fears.

For example; even last year, I would have feared to mention Bigfoot and aliens in a blog post. But Erika is open-minded. Her readers are open-minded. Plus, I mentioned these sentient beings because of the frequent stories shared explaining how we learn from both life forms. Bigfoot-Sasquatch may provide some secrets into our past. Or future? Or maybe these wise souls can help enlighten the human race, we living collectively in shadow, save a few God-realized souls?

change the world

Aliens offer us zero gravity among other technological advances.

Zero gravity eradicates poverty, world hunger, and pollution in a split second. Do these concepts sound zany? Or too good to be true? Spend a few hundred hours watching YouTube. Spend time watching documentaries like “Unacknowledged”.  Humans are one of goodness knows how many species in the Infinite Universe. We need to face fears, release fears, and open up to life forms in our midst, to improve all of our lives.

But you only change the world for good by going within, facing fear, making spiritual advancement your #1 aim, and uncovering truths. I was not ready to uncover or even handle truths like Sasquatch or aliens until I spent years meditating and doing yoga. Going within changes the without.

Stepping away from benevolent cryptids and compassionate aliens, I only became generous, empathetic, and a flat-out free giver by going within. I think of how I can help someone. Then I do it. After this evening’s Himalayan Kriya session, I thought of how I could help Erika with a guest post based on my experiences, my knowledge, my insights on life, and how to change the world for good. This blog post idea knocked on my mind’s door. I write. I submit. Erika publishes the guest post.

Everybody changes the world one fear-faced at a time and one kind act at a time.

No one becomes an icon overnight. No heart-centered billionaire makes a quantum leap in one week. People develop over decades, not minutes. Go within. Meditate. Do Kriya yoga. Serve people. Be uncomfortable. Face fear. I love writing now but stiffness manifest as pain assaults my neck. But I write. Why? Changing my within, facing fear, and releasing fear is the quickest way to change the without. Perhaps a few of you awesome folks look up Sasquatch or aliens on YouTube.

Sifting through hoaxes and skeptical, dismissive videos, you come across legit videos explaining how large forest people live in virtually all lower 48 states in the US as well as most provinces in Canada. Aliens have even been recognized by the US military; in a sneaky way. Goodness comes from communicating with these wise beings but only after the cover-up ends.

If the government is covering up knowledge of aliens, they are doing a better job of it than they do at anything else.― Stephen Hawking

Being armed with the truth empowers humanity to dissolve the cover-up. We all change the world for good by facing fears, by going within, by rending the veil of illusion, and by seeing the truth under our noses.

Change the within to change the without.


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