Are fear and worry ruling your life?

You can fundamentally change your life by changing your thinking.

Our world is currently changing rapidly. With the news coverage, it’s hard not to worry about what this means for you and the people you love.
Worry and anxiety are common problems at times, becoming all-encompassing.

The best is to stay away from TV; the news is often not true and only makes things worse.

Humans have a unique ability to think about future events.
We can foresee obstacles or problems, and it gives us the ability to plan solutions. However, driving ourselves crazy with worry is thinking that often makes us feel anxious or concerned.
When we become overly concerned, we often think of the worst and feel that we can not cope. The concern isn’t just on our minds. When it exaggerates, we feel the tension in our bodies.

When does worry become a problem?

Everyone is concerned to some degree, and thinking ahead can help us plan and manage. The concern becomes a problem when it prevents us from living the life we want or leaves us demoralized and exhausted.

But it does not need to be like this. We have the power to change this.

Our thoughts control our feelings and create our reality. We can change our lives when we recognize and use the power of thoughts.

Our thoughts have a significant impact on our lives.

We can always choose what to think.

With our thoughts, we create our very own reality.

We think about 60,000 thoughts every day. Most of it is negative. Just three percent are constructive and positive.

Often we are not even aware of what our thoughts are doing to us and how they affect our lives. But we often forget that we can actively participate in what we think and react to certain situations.

Thoughts affect our lives.

Even quantum physicists now agree that our thoughts affect our lives. Thoughts have a vibrational frequency that changes depending on the type of thought.

Positive thoughts have a different frequency than negative thoughts. Proven is also that similar frequencies attract each other.

How You Can Improve Your Life if You Change Your Thinking

So if you think predominantly positively, you are attracting more positive thoughts — the same is with negative thoughts.

If you often think negatively, these thoughts multiply and create a carousel, from which it is sometimes difficult to break out again.

Our thoughts are the triggers for our emotions and determine how we feel. If they are harmonious, they lead to a positive outlook on life. 

Conversely, unpleasant situations trigger fears, which leads to negative thoughts. Then we get nervous and anxious, the body tenses.

Recognize the power of your thoughts because they influence us not only on an emotional level but also on a physical level.

We can control our thoughts.

Feelings are not triggered by external circumstances or by other people. But only through ourselves. Through our judgment

Thoughts don’t just “happen” to us. They are often uncontrolled or the result of belief systems. We often believe that what we think is correct.  However, this is not always right. There are innumerable ways to react to a particular situation. We choose how to evaluate it, think about it, and respond to it. 

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“It is hard to think differently. To change your world, change your thoughts.” ― Debasish Mridha.

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We can reprogram our minds.

Humans are creatures of habit. Over the years, we have acquired belief systems and ways of thinking we cannot wholly reprogram overnight. However, if we want to change something in our Life, there is no getting around this process. It requires patience and discipline. Many of these beliefs do not serve us. But our brain is capable of learning and also unlearning. It can be reprogrammed.

The key to this is mindfulness. Question your thoughts: “Why do I feel this way now? Which thought triggers this negative feeling in me? “

When you have found the cause, question the thought and change it. You will feel better right away.

How You Can Improve Your Life if You Change Your Thinking

Once we understand and internalize this principle, we can use it and grow from it. We can not always influence external circumstances.

But we can always control our thoughts, reactions, and evaluations. Everybody can learn this. Because if we do not learn to control our minds, somebody else will do it, and life becomes a misery. The danger is real, and it is high time to learn to control your thinking.

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How You Can Improve Your Life if You Change Your Thinking

Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness exercises and meditation are excellent ways to calm the restless mind. Breathing exercises, meditation, or a mindful walk, direct your attention to the here and now, keeping your thoughts in the moment. These exercises also promote energy and strength and counteract exhaustion and a depressed mood.

Meditation helps you to face your fears and think clearly. Beginners will have a much easier start with this program. Download your FREE Zen12 – try a simple 12-minute program.

Practice gratitude; you can always find something to be grateful for, and nothing is more uplifting.

Watch this video. There is a practice that will surely help you.

“Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James.

“Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent.

The Buddha said: “With our thoughts, we create the world” That’s extraordinarily profound. It’s also scary because if we’re not in control of our thoughts and where they take us, the world we create with those thoughts can become horrific. – Martin Stepek – read more here.

Let’s create a better world!

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