Gratitude – No room for discontent!

Gratitude has become truly rare. We live in a consumerist society in which only superlatives count.
People quickly become dissatisfied with what they have because there are always others who have more.

“The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.”- Henry David Thoreau.

The Law of Gratitude goes, unfortunately, completely lost in this Western mindset. It is a universal principle that if we practice this universal law, it brings very positive and fruitful results. The Law of Gratitude says that action and reaction are always equal and extend in opposite directions.

A Grateful attitude is like a powerful force. If we allow ourselves to feel grateful for what we have, we will be rewarded in return.

But if we are not grateful, discontent is pre-programmed, and we will have bad experiences in our life. We automatically direct our attention to deficiencies and lack. With a negative mindset, we will focus on the bad and on the lack. If we focus on the inadequacy of our life, we program our brain to perceive only the discontent and attract it into our life.

“Grateful people are as fertile fields; they give the received back tenfold. ”    – August von Kotzebue.

The Law of Gratitude: Expect the best!

A person with a grateful mind, however, is confident of receiving the best. A grateful person looks forward to the future and is ready to accept challenges and takes them positively as a way to grow.

A thankful person will be rewarded every day and will contribute to the wealth that surrounds us.
Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate the feeling of gratitude and see all the good that we receive.

THANK YOU is the best Thought

It is not always easy to be grateful when there are failures and if we seem out of luck.

But gratitude, happiness, and success come together – they are ONE.

Gratitude is the Key to Happiness!

Gratitude is the most intense form of positive thinking because gratitude takes nothing for granted.

Are we aware of what we can be thankful for? We are experiencing joy and satisfaction!

Gratitude always feels good and makes us, therefore, see seemingly ‘bad situations’ differently; we look at reality.

What can we be grateful for?

For ALL that comes in our life, good and bad days.

– God for all the gifts and our free will

– Ourselves for what we are

– Our body which is our temple

– The roof over our heads and our food

– The clothing that protects us

– A smile that we get from somebody

– The people who are with us

– The birds that sing their song

– The flowers, with all their colorful beauty

-The sun and the water that nourishes us

but also

– Lessons that teach us

– The people who hold the mirror in front of us

– The situations where we see our boundaries

– The disease that shows us we should make a change in our lives

– And more …!

What are you thankful for?

If you make notes and write down what you are grateful for. In moments of sorrow, read in your diary of gratitude, and your mood will brighten, and you will get the strength to move forward.
Spending 10 minutes doing this, your brain will focus on the question, “What am I grateful for ?” and you will only think positive thoughts, which will make you happy.
You created a basis for a good day.


Negative thoughts may come again and again when you start, like:
“It does not work anyways” – “I can not” – “I do not believe” …
If you do the exercise anyway, over time, these negative thoughts will disappear because soon you will see that it works.
Maybe you think also, “There is nothing that I can be grateful for,” believe it, you will find a lot!
You only forgot about it because of the “bad” times. Try it, and you will find situations where you smile or feel great joy.
Practice the Law of Gratitude, and you will have a more beautiful life.

Are You Grateful?

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