How can you reach your full potential?

Our friend Romil Rambhad will tell in this guest post how anybody can reach their full potential in life. He will explain the four things you can do to reach this goal and become a super achiever.

Thank you, Romil


What we think our potential is and what it is are two very different things. Many people live below their potential, and some people actually reach their ultimate potential. Often our daily routine, our environment, how we are bought up, what information we are exposed to has a lot to do with reaching our full potential.

Some people are super achievers because they are successful in the material world and capitalized on their skills and talents most appropriately.
These super achievers do four things that every one of us can do that can help to reach our full potential.
“There is no paycheck that can equal the feeling of contentment that comes from being the person you are meant to be.” —Oprah Winfrey.

1. They overcome self-doubt

Self-doubt has crushed many people’s goals, dreams to achieve what they truly desire. Self-doubt occurs when we are lack confidence or feeling incapable of doing things we need to do. People who doubt themselves panic about things that would go out of control or not go the way they expected.
While no one is born with Self-doubt, we develop as we grow up from our environment, experiences and majorly compare ourselves with others. The reason may come from outside, but it leads to internal struggle, limiting us from being who we are meant to be.

How Super Achiever Reach Their Full Potential

It is not that Super achievers don’t doubt themselves, but they overcome these because their passion and desire are much more than the feeling of self-doubt.
They are often selective of whom they surround themselves with; they collaborate and build connections that empower them. They don’t seek validation outside but inside, from their values, their experiences. They don’t take criticism seriously as they understand every individual’s take is different but will accept and improve if they find something to learn.

2.They are Self-Aware

Know yourself – Know your uniqueness; mostly, we try to compare ourselves with others without knowing their journey, how they reached it, what they faced instead of focusing on ourselves.

How Super Achiever Reach Their Full Potential

Self-awareness is the conscious experience of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behaviors. It’s a deep knowing of who you are and what drives you.
In today’s time, where many are running a never-ending race and competing for success, super-achievers are familiar with who they are and what they stand for. This essential quality drives them, helps them be consistent and achieve excellence in their selected field.
It is not about what others want you to be but showing your authentic self, which defines you, and you want to be known for that.

3.They sharpen their skills.

There are two kinds of people we can see, one who believe in natural talent and don’t make an effort to enhance it and others who make a conscious effort to improve their skills to make it the best.
Superachievers believe in continuously improving themselves. You can take any great athlete, any great problem solver (Entrepreneur), or any Artist. One of the people who strike me is Steve Jobs, he made the product extremely the best, and people purchased it even when the price was much higher than that of other brand’s products.

Another extraordinary person I can think of is Virat Kohli. He dedicated himself to his physique to remain fit and constantly improve the shots he plays in the field.
Working on skills is crucial, but it comes when you are highly passionate, dedicated, and focused on what you do.

4.They take Massive actions.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar.
There is one law that no one of us can disagree with is the Law of Cause and effect. For every cause, there is an effect, and without cause, there shall never be an effect. By this law we can say until we take actions there won’t be any results which you want,

Many people keep thinking, planning and don’t take action. These ideas are running on a mental plane, but to actually see that plan, in reality, one has to act. There is no other way.
One of the reasons for avoiding taking Action is Fear, and like any other emotion, fear is too self-created. That means we have the power to see fear differently, for example, a fantastic opportunity to change your life completely.
Take action instead of just thinking and thinking. No matter how you feel, still, act. The doubt is only in our minds and has no physical existence. Once you act, you will perform again with confidence.

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