Don’t let outer circumstances influence your life.

Do you let external circumstances influence your well-being? Almost every day, negative news comes to us in this crisis. We get the feeling as if we were drowning in a flood of negativity. But if you want to follow your heart and draw happiness into your life, think brave and do not let yourself be overwhelmed by this chaos of outer circumstances.

How to be not overwhelmed by circumstances around you

In these times of crisis, many people quickly lose the courage to face life, maybe even the will to live. Many give up, and feel overwhelmed, disoriented, powerless, and helpless. We may pity each other, and we quarrel with fate and are bitter. We feel overwhelmed by the stroke of fate. These adverse emotional reactions are completely normal and inevitable to severe and unexpected life crises in the initial phase. Finally, we were thrown off course unprepared and first had to adjust and reorient ourselves.

Crisis can help us to discover our strength

As uncomfortable as crises are,  they are also often useful. Crises tear us out of indifference, we discover reserves of strength, help us recognize that our limits are far from being reached, and promote personal development. And crises always provide food for thought for improvements, progress, and positive outcomes.

How to be not overwhelmed by circumstances around you

It’s not about closing your eyes or not talking about everything. But it does not help anybody, especially not yourself, if you let external circumstances make you feel fear, worry, frustration, or anger.

How can you overcome crises and problems? Situations are not only negative, but they also can have their good points. Loss of a job or a partner through separation can plunge us into a crisis. If we learn to think differently and from situations, then they can help us.

We all enjoy it when we reach the goal of our desires and when our life is predictable and in order. Having control over our lives gives us a feeling of security. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately, life does not always go according to our wishes. Events such as illness, separation, the loss of a job, the death of a close relative, or an apartment termination present us with challenges.

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Good steps to take

A good step is to accept your current situation and think positively. Have brave, hopeful thoughts.
Remember the difficult situations and challenges that you faced and overcame. Discuss your situation with people you are familiar with, such as friends. Read encouraging books and listen to music that comforts you.
Live in the present and from one day to the next. Take the attitude that there may be good in this situation and watch out for it because everything is for a reason.

Difficult times let us develop determination and inner strength.

What about you? Do you let the crisis and outer circumstances overwhelm you?

Do you struggle to stay balanced?

Are you ready to feel the fear and do it anyway when it comes to pursuing your dreams and creating a life you love living?

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