Can you Frame Fear?

What does it mean to frame fear? Many are paralyzed by fear and do not realize that it is created in the mind. If we look around us and live in the present, we can see it is an illusion, the imagination of situations that may never happen. If you are unable to control your thoughts and feelings when you are afraid, then you may need to learn how to frame fear. Our friend Ryan Biddulph will share with us what he means by framing fear.

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How to frame fear

How to Frame Fear

Fear appears to be out there.

Fear appears to be dominating the world.

But all appearances are illusions.

Fear is not out there.

Everything out there is neutral.

Fear is only in your mind.

Even though most people appear to be afraid and making foolish decisions, that too is an illusion. The appearance of people being scared and making foolish decisions is fear in your mind projected onto the human beings who appear to be making foolish decisions due to their fears.

Prepare yourself to feel uncomfortable right now; almost all of us non-enlightened souls co-create the illusion of fear on some level by condemning, judging, and mocking people acting predominantly from the illusion of fear. I need to catch myself routinely because even though I do much from love, I still have fear to face, feel, and release in order to develop a more fault-less gaze.

How to frame fear

Everything Is Neutral Until Your Mind Adds Flavoring

All events, circumstances, and situations are neutral. Everything just is. Clearing your mind reveals this simple truth. Everything just is. Minds add color. Ego adds flavoring.

Living from your heart allows you to color the neutral with love. Or following your intuition clues you in; love everything the way everything is.

I had some cold, hard lessons to learn in this regard. Everything appeared to be horrible in my life more than a few times over the past 12 years. But the appearance simply revealed to me fears I needed to face, feel, and release to reach my next stage of evolution. I developed myself by framing fear in this fashion: fear only exists in my mind, even if people around me appear to be running around in fear. I may say people are running around in fear but the act of people running around is just people……running around.

Clearing fear from my mind, by feeling these energies, shows me how any problem I encountered reflected my fear in mind back to me. No problem ever existed. I created the problem with fear in my mind. No nightmare existed, save the shadow in my mind.

The Human Spirit

Every human being is a spirit having a human experience for a short period of time. Human beings are gods walking around planet earth. Facing, feeling, and releasing fear in your mind at an accelerated clip slowly but surely reveals these truths. But if you do not routinely face, feel, and release fears you will buy into the illusion that human beings are powerless chunks of meat, victims easily manipulated by their mass fears of death and dis-ease.

Everything begins the moment you see fear as being present in your mind only. Face your fears. Meditate. Do yoga. Do uncomfortable things. Edge out of your comfort zone. Fear will find you. Face, feel, and release fears in your mind again and again. What’s left? Increased love. Also, Increased freedom. Increased truth. Slowly but surely, you will rend the veil of illusion as you learn to frame fear in its proper place.

Yoga focuses on the inner situation. If you can create a perfect inward situation, no matter what the external situation, you can be in perfect bliss and peace. – Sadhguru

Take responsibility

Taking complete responsibility for your fears means releasing the habit of blame. No longer can you blame the big, bad boogeyman of politicians, government, the news media, and anyone in authority for your fears. Every person, thing, or situation simply triggers fears already present in your mind. No one, no thing, or no circumstances can place fear in your mind. Stop blaming anyone or anything or any situation. Own your life. And Own your mind. Own your intimately personal fears.

How to frame fear

Frame fear as a creation of ego to keep you comfortable, unhappy, and mediocre, if not living in dire straits.

Face fear. Feel fear. Release fear. Liberate yourself from the world of illusions. Learn to see and love everything and everyone as it is and as they are.

About the Author:

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com, and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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