Do you know how to news-proof yourself?

In our time, we need to news-proof ourselves more than ever to be able to live a peaceful life. Many people believe everything that the media puts out, get confused, and are in stress mode.  But stress is a silent killer and shuts down our immune system. Better to avoid it if you do not want to be vulnerable to the virus and other illnesses.

I know for sure that if I were not news proofed, my life would not be pleasant as it is now. News can not affect my inner peace and my positive outlook.

Our friend Ryan Biddulph knows very well how you can news-proof yourself. He is sharing his experience and genuine advice.

Thank you, Ryan

How to News Proof Yourself

Do negative news headlines got ya down?

I know it feels daunting to news-proof yourself sometimes. Mainly because everybody seems to be talking about the news these days. Facebook updates seem news dominant. Twitter? Trending topics parrot the headlines. Even your next-door neighbor likely gabs about the negative news. How do you get past this dastardly demon? How can you destroy this denizen of the dark?

Follow these tips.

Double Down on Energy Work

I spend 4 hours daily doing Kriya yoga, yin yoga, meditating, exercising and taking an icy cold shower. No; I only do those things one at a time LOL 🙂 But every day, I devote 1/6th of my day to managing my energy. Why? Managing your energy purges your fears, helps you vibe from love and moves you to a wavelength well above the negative news.

While most folks vibe from fear and feel totally resonant with negative news, gobbling up this mental poison, overdosing on this nasty energetic drug, I spend a few moments scanning over headlines on my Twitter feed. That’s it. Why? I have zero interest or resonance with negative, low energy headlines. I am high energy. Low energies ain’t a match.

Rubber Band Man

I use a mental rubber band – because I can – but for other folks new to this strategy, wear a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you stumble across a news item, snap the rubber band to arrest your attention span. As rubber pinches against the skin, remind yourself to immediately move on from the negative news headline.

Using this technique gives you a quick, easy way to snap yourself out of it. Literally and figuratively. Feel snap. Wake up. Close the news site. Or move on from the news Tweet or news-related Facebook update.

news proof yourself

Understand How News Media Works

A few old guys with worldly power use fear to scare you into watching the news for their own needs. 7 billion meaningful, news-worthy stories manifested today. But most seem to be super positive. Traditional news depends on triggering fears in underdeveloped people to grab their attention. So these few old guys with worldly power – not the infinite, inner power of enlightened souls – manipulate the masses with fear to do stuff. Point blank.

Observe this silly virus thingee. News media reports death, sickness, and terror to scare you into doing what the powers that be want you to do. Realizing this, you will never, ever watch the news again.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”— Marcus Aurelius

I news-proofed myself

I news-proofed myself after watching the HBO series Succession and the Showtime series The Loudest Voice in the Room. And I deeply enjoyed the entertainment aspect of both series but the real-world application drilled home a point I already figured out: the news is largely the opinion of a few old guys. That’s it. Pretty much, this was all I needed to know to starve myself of this putrid mental poison. If I want to terrify myself, I’ll ride a roller coaster, or sit in a cage with 400-pound tigers in Thailand (Did the latter, not the former).

All sages and adepts remind us how all genuinely news-worthy items sprout from within. We have all the answers. God provides us all the news we need to know via our intuitive nudges. Infinite Guidance always flows from an energy of love, not fear. Listen to that small, still voice. That’s the only news you need to follow.

Each one of us has all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need right within us. It is available to us through our intuitive mind, which is our connection with universal intelligence. – Shakti Gawain


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