If you love what you do, then you can, doesn’t matter how hard is it.

This is the quote and the story of a young man with a Blogger Dream. His Name is Hemant Arya and has like many a Blogger Dream. He eager to work hard to make it come true. As we can read in his story, he is very ambitious and even had a success with one of his blog posts.  Hemant loves what he is doing and we know if we do what we love success will follow.

Most of my readers know that I love people with dreams and like to support them. I had some Stories of Dreamers before here on my blog and with our good intention and blessing they are on the way to the dream and many had success. Here are some of the stories:

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Let us give Hemant our good intention and blessing. It is proven and it works. There are many with a Blogger Dream. Some are coming true, like Muhammad Ahmad one of the youngest bloggers, he has the blessing of the blogger community and just published his first book. See it here >The best and the simplest  SEO guide to follow 2017

Read Hemant Arya’s story below

How To Work Hard On Your Blogger Dream Doing It With Love

Hemant Arya

If you love then you can do doesn’t matter how hard is it.

Hi, I am Hemant Kumar founder of LetsTrick. I write about Blogging, SEO, earn money online and social media tips and tricks. Blogging is what I live for.

About Myself-

I am a 19-year-old boy. I am doing my graduation in computer science field. When I was a kid, I had to dream that one day I will create a website like these all websites on Internet. At that time I didn’t know that we can earn money with a site, so I just created one with a subdomain Weebly and started copying contents from others site. Then I came to know that I can earn with my website.

I was nobody around me who can teach me how I can build website except Google and YouTube. SO I had started Goggling when every time I got any question on my mind. I read about blogging on Google every day, and from there I have learned how to earn money online.

But here comes the biggest problem of Money. I don’t have enough money for my internet pack, and I have not told my parents about my dream. So I used to collect money, and then I pay my internet bills, I still remember that I usually bought the smallest internet plan on earth.

Then I have bought my first domain name teenSubway from GoDaddy from my dad’s account. I didn’t tell them about this, and I told them this I have recharged my phone. Then I have started blogging seriously, and I have installed WordPress on this domain But after some time WordPress told me that your bandwidth limit exceeds. They wanted me to spend some bucks on my plan and unfortunately, I was not in that condition to buy that plan. So I have decided to quit that blog, that means my all blog posts are no longer live. I have not taken any backup till so all my hard work goes in dustbin overnight.

How To Work Hard On Your Blogger Dream Doing It With Love

  This situation can’t stop me.

But this situation can’t stop me. I have bought another blog and this is LetsTrick.com. But this time I have already learned how to do these kinds of stuff. So this time it didn’t take much time to setup this blog. And I’m not talking about a long time ago I am speaking about 10 months ago because my LetsTrick.com is only 8 months old, it will cross one year on March 2017.

So this time I have not installed my blog on WordPress. I used Blogger and still using blogger because blogger doesn’t want us to buy anything. I haven’t spent even a single dollar on my blog till now. Wanting to move my site to WordPress, but still, that money problem comes. So I think I have to continue with blogger till I don’t earn much to pay.

I haven’t earned any dollar till now, I have earned 6$ wit Adsense, but Adsense doesn’t allow us to withdrawal money till we make it 100$.

I have started getting 2000-2500 pageviews per day because few of my post is ranking on the first page of Google.  The most remarkable thing happened to me in my blogging career is that I have got the first position on Google.

My post “Rank on the First Page of Google- The Ultimate Guide [InfoGraphic]” ranks in the first position of Google. This post has given me 20,000 page views.

But due to my studies, I can’t give proper time to my blog. That’s why my rankings dropped down insanely. But there is hope in my heart that one day I’ll earn from it.

What will I do If I got 500$ from my site?

I’ll give them to my mum and tell them that this is my first ever earnings and then I’ll spend them on poor kids who don’t even have money to eat food. Yes, I’m talking about the poor and beggars. Whenever I see them, they make me stronger and gives me more energy to blog so that I can earn quickly for them.

I also want to spend my earning on my mum and dad.  I want to buy two tickets of airplane for my mum and dad and tell them that have some time together J If you are a blogger then I deeply want to check out my latest post ” How to Rank on the first page of Google” Please, tell me how’s I’m doing. Comment there and add in comment that you have read my story here so that I can thank you from the bottom of my heart J

That’s all that I want from my Life and my blog J

I hope I have not made you bored?

Am I right?

Lol thanks for your precious time 😉

This is the story and the Blogger Dream. He has a good dream which is also about giving, which is important. It is sure not a final dream because if we reach one, we go to the next. This is how it works we always grow. Do not forget, we do only need to know the “why” of our dream, the “how” is the work of the universe. Do not expect it going your way, you may miss out on the sign of the universe for your next step. We always need to be aware of this signs and take action steps. If it is for the dream life and we love what we do, even hard work seems to be easy.

Remeber: “Go as far as you can see; when you get there you’ll be able to see farther”.Thomas Carlyle  

“God would not have put a dream in your heart if He hadn’t already given you everything you need to fulfil it” Joel Osteen

I hope you like Hemant’s Story and give good intention and blessings for his dream.

Do you have a Dream? Maybe a Blogger Dream?  Maybe you are already a seasoned Blogger?

What would you suggest to Hemant to help him to make his dream come true ?