Do you like to learn how to Activate your Happiness Hormones?

What are happiness, hormones, and how to activate them? If you are sometimes unhappy or depressed, it is good to know how you can activate them.

happiness hormones


Chocolate makes you happy. Almost every person with a sweet tooth has already used this argument. But why does chocolate make you happy, and how is it possible to actively create happiness hormones?

Happiness, who does not want that it is always available at any time, easy to produce, without additives, and uncomplicated? If it were that easy, many people would have more joy in life.

Are there ways to make yourself happy, or do you always have to enter a specific situation to achieve that feeling? It may be different for everyone, but if you know how to make yourself happy, you are a big step ahead of many.

Only striving for more, wanting to own more, accumulating more wealth, and always wanting to travel more and more is certainly not a strategy to gain happiness.

What does Happiness mean for you?

Most people know happiness, but it does not last forever. For some, happiness means:

Time with the family
go for a walk in nature
be healthy
To have a vacation
an evening with good friends
shared laughter
listening to good music
swimming in the lake
to look into wonderful souls

The list could be infinitely longer. Often we do no longer consciously perceive these moments, but they become so apparent that we no longer enjoy them. This one moment, how much would we like to keep it and experience it again and again?

Exactly, that is what works. Recall inner pictures again and again and try to feel the moment again. It works but needs a moment of reflection.

activate your happiness hormones


How does the feeling of happiness arise in the body?

From a medical point of view, happiness is a release of certain hormones in our bodies. Be it by being in love, eating chocolate, doing yoga or meditating, having good sex, hugging friends, watching the sea, driving with the dream car, et cetera.

Their effect causes our mental and physical well-being, and they are, therefore, often referred to as the body’s drugs. As ambassadors in our body, they pass nerve impulses to the brain via the synapses. They are the basis of every emotion, every thought, and every movement.

Happiness & Health: The Biological Factors- Systematic Review Article

These happiness hormones are real.

Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, phenethylamine, and oxytocin. Six of the messengers that make us happy. The term happiness hormones are only famous because science used it for better understanding.

1. Serotonin brings us balance

Serotonin is involved in many processes and is also one of the essential happiness hormones. Among other things, serotonin affects our sense of pain, sleep, sexual behavior, and emotional state.

Serotonin also brings our neurotransmitters in balance and provides more vitality. In the long run, it makes us more stress-resistant and less anxious.

Our body produces more melatonin when the days get shorter. It is provided only at night and promotes sleep.


2. Dopamine makes us feel happy

Dopamine is a specific messenger substance for our happiness sensations. Just like serotonin, we need dopamine as a messenger. In the frontal lobe and midbrain, it ensures that feelings and sensations will pass on. It controls the circulation of the internal organs and forwards impulses to the muscles.

The combination of serotonin and dopamine provides emotional stability and allows us to learn new movements.

3. Endorphins make us robust

The body needs endorphins as a  painkiller. They have a similar effect as opium and morphine and can put the body in a kind of intoxication. That is why they are distributed, for example, in case of injuries. Also, they can regulate our hunger and our general mood.

Athletes feel the effects of endorphins. The feeling of exhaustion is relieved, and the body gets an energy boost.


4. Norepinephrine makes us master stress situations well

We need this messenger substance, especially in stressful times. The central nervous system and adrenal glands produce it in conjunction with an enzyme derived from dopamine.
Physical and emotional stress releases norepinephrine, making us more focused, attentive, and even more motivated.
The messenger stimulates not only our motivation positive but also our fat-burning; he is instrumental.

5. Oxytocin, social humans need it

Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone. Therefore it is known primarily for its effects on social interaction. Not only do social skills and cognitive empathy increase. Feelings such as anxiety and stress will reduce, and overall well-being will enhance by oxytocin.

6. Phenethylamine makes stomach tingling

After hard physical work, an intoxication-like condition may arise as the hormone phenethylamine is released. It is responsible for our sense of happiness and our pleasure sensations.
This feeling is also known to lovers because it is activated not only by physical effort. Consequences are tingling, an increased sense of pleasure, and concentration disorders.

This way, you can quickly activate some happiness hormones
Therefore, one thing is to be aware of what you are having fun with. The second step is to know how you can actively release happiness hormones.

For example, the hormone serotonin, which is often called the good-mood hormone, needs light.

In the cold season, it is therefore essential that you expose yourself to the daylight, for example, in the form of walks. If that is not possible, there are other possibilities available, like sunlight lamps.

Sport is, without question, a form of happiness for a sports enthusiast. For a less active person at first glance, probably not. What is certain, however, is that endorphins can be released through sports activities.

In some situations, a walk in the fresh air stimulates. On other days you can feel after doing sport the pain-relieving and stimulating effect of endorphins.

activate your happiness hormones


Now you know how happiness hormones work, activate them!

An enjoyable kind of activating happiness hormones is music and dance.

Nobody can stay depressed and unhappy when listening to music, singing, and dancing. It needs only the kick to do it. Enjoy and activate your happiness hormones.

Research >Biochemistry of Hormones that Influences Feelings  


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