Parents doing it all wrong? This Is The Most Crucial topic About Which no One Write About On Their Blogs Or Anywhere On The Web But I Want Cover This Today — Everyone says that We Love Our Parents & Same I do But There Are Many Points which even our parents are doing wrong FROM THE Beginning and they need to be discussed

***I Love You Mom-Dad****

Of course we have to owe many things to our parents & most are which we even can’t return them back again but still, you need to think again guys

My Mom-Dad did a wonderful job raising me & my brother. I really appreciate them from the deep of my heart but still, I found many things which even my parents are doing from the beginning but previously I use to think that — No one is going to GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

If I’m even going to publish an article about It

But I seriously want to put some light to this issue as I think that In Future I might also need to focus on them because after few days I’m also going to be a father and I can’t do the same thing with the mindset of my child


Let me start the real story…now

I Will discuss each & Everything Point-By-Point

#1 — Fixed Mind-Set

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

From the very first day, I only heard one thing from my parent’s mouth that “BETA” [SON] you need to find yourself a Govt. Job as soon as you grow elder because they’re more stable and you will also get PENSION….bla….bla…bla

Although I Appreciate them that I Studied in a “PRIVATE SCHOOL” After 8th Grade because they thought “PUBLIC SCHOOLS” are not good enough for their child but I want to put this issue Out that they always thought one way that I Only need a Govt. Job after My School/College

It would be good if they have given me more options because in that from the beginning i will be able to grow my mindset & MAYBE CAN THINK ABOUT BEING AN ASTRONAUT SOMEDAY

But I don’t have those dreams because my Dad was In ARMY & the only thing can I think of was being a “ARMY PERSON” of course at bigger & better then my “DAD” because he can’t take it that I’m joining the “FORCE” on the same position as he was hahaha

The Other Option he gave me to Join any Sports & make a better future there and the same I Did by choosing “BOXING” as my Career Option after completing my Secondary School Studies but there also my dad wanted me to “FILL GOVT. JOB FORMS” to give it a go along with sports

All I said that I can’t do both at the same time & that was really true about all of US

I’m not even not saying that they were wrong over there but I’m just saying that they had to learn by analyzing their SON’s Condition And I think equally think that parents also need to change along with KIDS for better bonding between both

Give your kids more options or Either Guide Him in 1 way from the beginning because if you’ll put your all force in one direction that gonna “CRACK” Any Glass In This “FUCKING” World

#2 — Negative Thinking

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

In any bad situation or even in “GOOD” Times I have seen my parents Only thinking Negative — I don’t Know why Might be because They have Suffered a lot in their Early days of Marriage & Life

I Can Assume their Situation because If you’re going to See & Hear Everything “NEGATIVE” around you then the same stuff will come out of your head

It Happens

But do you know — We all are living in this “FUCKING” which don’t a SHIT about anyone’s emotions and people here are Crazy after money — Even I’m

They will say “NEGATIVE” Stuff To You and Even Try to Break you Down but You need to know “THAT’S THE REAL LIFE” and If you’re here in this Green planet then all these things will happen to You on a Regular basis but it doesn’t mean that you will be going to spend “ONE WAY” Life by thinking “NEGATIVE ALL LIFE”

It’s the Biggest factor because Parents are the “ROLE MODEL” & Biggest Source of Motivation to “FOLLOW” In Life For US

What You Do — Your Child Will Going To Watch It Carefully & Follow It

Please It’s a Humble Request To All Parents That — Be Positive Specially Infront Of your Little Ones

#3 — Ego Problem [I Guess]

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

Short Story……

Various Times In Life I Have Seen My Parents [My Dad especially] Doing This Stuff

But Seriously I don’t know what to say about it & how to name this specific problem — like I’m gonna Call this

So, I Thought “EGO” Word Can Define It

This Is The Recent Incident That Happened with my Dad — My dad was Scrolling Facebook & Found a Post That Was Written By Nephew Of My Grandmom

He [Nephew] Was Posted on an Account post In a Public School 2 Years Ago & My dad got Retired last Year from “ARMY” After Completing his 24 YEARS of Service

Basically, Both Are Center Govt. Employees

Grandma Said Ask him about the Money [The Package Of Pay Commission Announced By Govt. For Govt. Employees] that when It will be available For withdrawal In Your Bank Account

My Dad’s Answer:- He’s [Grandma’s Nephew] Just a Child who Posted 2 Years Back In Public School & I Did 24 Years of Service For Govt.

How Could He come To Know About My Stuff …….I’m Senior To Him

That was an “EGOISTIC” Attitude I Guess

It was just a mere Example that Urges me to write this whole article

This Attitude Simply means that If you’re Aged Then only you can participate in any family Convo. because that’s how you gonna get Experience & I Guess that Matters the Most Here

It’s good that you keep secret of your parents to your home & to your mind reach but for me — It’s not the same

I want them to Learn — So they Can also start Considering this Life a Daily Learning Game

I don’t know I’m wrong or right over Here …everyone of you have different opinions on this topic but seriously these are common things & might also be true with your parents Too

But You can keep it Secret lol

#4 — Money Over Interest

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

Yes — one of the biggest issue with everyone’s Parents Including mine

Although My father supported me at that when I was Too Stubborn that I’m gonna Choose Internet Marketing As a My Career BUT It was In the Middle Of the Game When I Left everyone That I was Doing

Still, It’s a Big Thing that I have In my head that why our parents don’t support us in our journey

It’s out a choice that what we wanna do because “YOU CAN DO BEST WITH WHAT YOU LOVE DOING ALL THE TIME WITHOUT GETTING BORED”

My Parents were worried all the time about — HOW I’m going to make money and How I’m going to spend rest of my life doing business because in business — Everything Is Unpredictable & It Can Fail

But I Always do cross-wording with them that “BUSINESS NEVER FAILS UNTIL YOU”

I Told them that give me 2 Years To Do whatever I Want to do in my life — Let me Follow my dreams If I’m not able to do anything in that time period I will do whatever you will say [Govt. Job Preparation I Mean hahhaa]

Still, I’m totally Focused On my Work & Getting Good Results To My clients & they’re on Money hahaha

Although It was good they supported me for my 2 Year Time Duration

They need to understand that In today’s Online world you can Monetize anything that you want — So now?

What left?

Just Follow What You love Doing All Time

Monetization Is 100% Possible for Any fucking thing that is available in this Shitty World

You can even Monetize a DEAD BODY lol

It Would a Miracle If Our Parents Can Understand the Same Thing

#5 — Insecurity

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

As I Explained Earlier that They always want to Push me To Give a go for GOVT. Job rather than following what I Love To Do

Of course, All parents do have that kind of Insecurity In Their mind but they need to think about it like that — If Sachin Tendulkar Can be an After being Soo “POOR” Financially — Why can’t your ward do the same?

Why Even this Insecurity word Exists In Your mind?

100% Support Needed from your side for the Things that Your child is doing Regularly

Please SUPPORT THEM — Let Them Shine In Foggy Atm.

#6 — Spending Life Not Living It

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

This Is Something which is really Interesting & funny Part in my life as well

We’re Middle-Class Family & My Parents always love “FREE” or probably Things Which are “CHEAP” hahaha

Like Most Of the Other Parents Do lol

We had “NO WEEKENDS” hahaha

Because Philosophy Of My Family is to “MAKE MONEY SAVE MONEY” — Neither they think about investing it back or at least Living a Joyful life where we go out “OUT” for dinner at least Once a Week But “They Make This Plan Several Times & At last, It’s Better To Cancel It”

There Thousands of Example that prove — “MY PARENTS ARE SPENDING LIFE NOT LIVING IT”

You need to Spend money On The Things That you mostly Like To Do or That Carry You Forward

Although My Dad Helped me Financially with my business as well But I still want them to Live their Life peacefully & CHECK Out the beauty of this world as you never know when you gonna “DIE”

Point #6 is My Desire that I Want my parents to do for themselves hopefully they will understand it

#7 — Caring Too Much About Society Rather Then Themselves

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

I Really hate this thing about My Parents & as well about all other mine relatives

Like I Just Have One Question For them


Whatever did Society Suckers say WHY do you have to care about it?

There is no point in all those shitty sucking speeches that those society suckers deliver and try to manipulate Our Parent’s Mind

I’m sure that it can’t change their mind but for a second it impacts their feeling that really sucks because after that they start talking their way & an Invitation Was Given To Trouble.

I was Talking With My Cousin Sister Another Day & I Asked Her What She Wanna Do After Graduation [I mean Which Filed Exactly]

She Was like — My Dad Said That You Should need to Try For Govt. Jobs Because of All this Blah! Blah! Blah! Society Stuff


I Was Do You Love It?

She: NO!

Me: hahahhaah That’s Good Than You Should Need To Give It a Try

I Didn’t the main Point Over Here

Let me Ask you something — Does Your parents have to Work or You Need To Work?

of course → YOU

If it’s your Life — You need to Work — You need to Live


Why can’t you choose what you love doing?

That’s my Point.

[NO Offense Against Parents]

NOTE: Choose What You Love Doing NOT What Your Parents

#8 — Can’t See Someone’s Success

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

It’s Good You haven’t Made a lot in your life But It’s Also Good to accept that someone else made way more than you in terms of money, good living, good house, etc.

But My Parents are like They made that big house because they might be doing something really bad

[Do number ke Kaam Krte Honge]

I mean, WTF

If someone is selling products online and made “Millions” from that Putted-in that Money on Building a House than How they did it by doing in-legal things?

Seriously I don’t get these things till now & I don’t even know about your parents at all but these are things that I Observe In my parents very specifically.

It’s a good Acc. to them But Not Acc. to me and I Really Hate Pushing someone Else Forward for My bad Stuff.

#9 — Talking About People Rather Then Ideas

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

I have Seen this a lot of Times that each & every Time My Parents and Family members love to talk about People Rather than Ideas or business stuff because that’s what they Love doing.

On a Personal Level, I Hate It Very much Because That’s not how You gonna Grow yourself.

#10 — Listening To Bad Stuff Of Elders Even They’re Wrong

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

This Happened Multiple Times Infront of me in my Childhood & I Really Don’t Like all these kind of Stuff.

Because Most people say like that We RESPECT them and that’s why We Listen Quietly to there Bad Stuff/Bad Words and That’s Fuckin makes me Crazy.

If Someone is going wrong than just simply tell him he’s doing this or that Wrong whether it’s your Mom/Dad or someone who Is 40 Years Elder Than You.

If you gonna Stop & Consume That Shit Content Than You’ll Not Be Going To Grow my Friend and You Definitely Need to Come out of it.

I’m not Against Parents Over Here — I’m Just Against The Wrong Stuff That they Usually Do and We pretend That They Are Always Right Because They Are Your PARENTS.

It’s Good to Love your Mom/Dad Enough But Its Scars the Fuck out of me to Support Them with Bad Words or Something Wrong that They Are Accepting because of That Stuff Gonna Build-up Over the Time and Your Whole Family Including you going to face the Negative Effects of that Stuff.

Think About It & Be On the Practical Side

#11 — Can’t Speak Their Heart Out

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

They Always Try To Protect Things from Other People [Society] and Because Of the Boundaries of the Relations They Can’t Speak their Heart-Out Because They Care a lot about Others I Guess That Makes Them — WEAK

Let Me Tell You Something.

I Have Seen this In My Family That If My Sister Of My Father Is Saying Something [Even Something Really Bad] to My Mom Than My Won’t Reply Her In the Same Tone & I don’t Get It — WHY?

That’s Not how this world Works & We Need to Understand It.

There are many Issues In which I have Seen My Parents Not Even Speaking About It To Someone Even Not Saying Anything To Anyone If Even They Said Something Wrong.

Because They Care Too much About Relations and I Really Hate It to the depth because that’s not how we need to Operate in Life.

It will Make Us Weaker Rather Than Making Us Strong.

Think About It.

#12 — Appreciation

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

Everyone needs Appreciation for everything that they do — Especially for the Specific things they did In a Really good way.

I need Appreciation TOO & I didn’t get enough of it from my parents But Don’t Complain about it because I found a way to appreciate myself for the small-small achievements.

But I just wanna say You Need to Appreciate Your Kids For Even Small Things To Make Them Understand the Value of Things Rather than The Price.


Giver it a Try it works?

#13 — Mixture Of Professional & Personal Life

Our Parents Are Doing It All Wrong And We're Just Ignoring Them - WHY? WHY? WHY?

My Dad Use to Do This A lot

He Gets Frustrated From his Office and He Use To Shout On Us For Slowing Down the Anger that Was built-up In the Office and He Took the same Attitude at Home.

Keep the things of Office at Office and Move Towards Home with a Different mind-set Otherwise You gonna Loose Many things in the Growing-up Period.

Don’t ever mix Your Professional and Personal Stuff.


I really love my parents and I’m writing this guide because I want to make sure We don’t repeat the same stuff when we’ll be Mom/Dad

Few People Will Appreciate Me & Few People Will Try To Take Me Down — But Let You One Thing “THAT I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT” Because You already have pointed to discuss your parents & also about your personal life

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