Learn how to stay calm and peaceful

We live in a time of crisis and challenges. To stay calm, centered, and keep the peace of mind if for many people difficult. Peace comes from within and we can learn to be non-resistant to what is going on outside and do not let affect us.

Our friend Ryan Biddulph shares his technique to develop Peace of Mind with us here.

Thank you, Ryan

Develop Peace of Mind

1 Technique to Develop Peace of Mind

Some have called me the Blogging Buddha.

Others believe I am naturally serene.

But I had to work on my spiritual advancement to be largely peaceful now. How? I meditate, do Kriya yoga, and do yin yoga daily. I also power walk, to dissipate energies. But each practice cultivated a skill crucial to my peaceful nature: practicing non-resistance to what is.


Non-resistance allows you to be with whatever is. Following your love and nudging into fear from non-resistant energies allows everything to flow peacefully.  Even when life intervenes. Do you know when I began writing this post? 1 PM. But I just picked up writing again at 7 PM afterlife intervened with an unexpected offline event. Did I resist the past 6 hours? Nope. I did what needed to be done from a peaceful, open, accepting energy.

Now I will dive back into blogging work with similar non-resistant energy, getting the job done until 3 AM or later. I love this gig. I love blogging. Being non-resistant allows blogging to take ME for the ride, versus me working hard at blogging. Huge difference. Quantum leap type difference between being taken away by blogging versus forcing, straining, and striving hard, to get the job done. Such is the difference between non-resistance and resistance.

Observe your mind

Be hyper-aware of resisting any thought or feeling. I observed my mind try to take the regret train, at the 6 hours of seeming lost blogging work today. But I did not resist this thought, and associated feelings of having wasted/squandered blogging time, so the thoughts-feelings ran into and out of my mind really quickly. This grounds me here and now, in the moment.

I can non-resistantly dive into blogging without hang-ups, roadblocks, or impediments in mind. I just get to work. Work flows smoothly. I blog peacefully because I am not fighting, clinging to, or resisting anything.

develop peace of mind

Try Not to Resist What Is

Doesn’t it seem like we come out of the womb swinging? Humans have a weird habit of fighting what is, resisting what is, straining, and striving to overcome or manipulate some imagined outcome. Mental chaos ensues. Peace of mind becomes impossible when you use that mind to fight against what is.

Peace and fighting cannot exist in the mind simultaneously because one dominant emotion – fear or love – occupies the mind. Even if it seems like a roaring rapid of emotions floods your being, everything happens one dominant emotion at a time. Fighting means fear. Acceptance means love. Simple.

Never mistake acceptance or surrender for giving up on some endeavor. Hold a loving, freeing intent to render service while following your dreams. Polish your skills. Then, get super duper busy accepting what is, cultivating peace of mind by accepting and being grateful for whatever the Universe puts on your mental doorstep.

Live happen with you, not to you

Everything unfolds for you, not to you. Stop being a resistant victim. Start being a non-resistant spirit who gratefully accepts all, as all is. This simple practice cultivated peace of mind in me super fast, allowing me to calmly work my blogging business and enjoy my offline life from a serene, chill vibe.

Be non-resistant. Accept what is. Follow your passion. Embrace fear. Cultivate your peace of mind.

Develop Peace of Mind


Do you need tips to develop your peace of mind in a sometimes chaotic world? Vicious news cycles, mass hysteria, and a general sense of foreboding trigger humanity into a broad-scale panic. Do you want to be a serene, relaxed lighthouse amidst a global storm?

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