How can you experience the benefits of Meditation?

The benefits of Meditation have been known to humans forever because it was first practiced many millennia ago. In this article, we will look at some of them in detail and outline the psychological addition to the health benefits of this practice.

1. Reduces stress – since Meditation helps calm the mind and relax the person, it helps a lot in lowering stress. You achieve this through the breathing exercise that forms a part of the practice. Stress reduction is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental reasons people take up Meditation.

2. Various health benefits of Meditation – there are already documented studies whereby Meditation has been shown to have helped cure an illness. A landmark research was achieved in 1976 by Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares which was revealed in the Medical Journal of Australia. The study documented how a patient’s cancer healed after periods of intensive Meditation.

Meditation also decreases blood pressure levels, which benefits patients at risk of hypertension and different heart-related conditions.

3. Improves focus – one practice in Meditation involves focusing on a particular object, such as candlelight or reciting a mantra. Activities like these show improvement in a person’s concentration.

4. Acceptance of events – one other aspect of Meditation is the ability to take things as they are. It helps decrease a person’s frustrations over something they cannot control. Individuals who will surely profit from this include those undergoing anger management.



Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a healing therapy that has been an alternative medicine in numerous parts of the world. We can heal our pains with many approaches.

For example, every time we feel pain, we often buy some medicine in a drugstore or go to a doctor to get rid of the pain. Sometimes we try to sleep if we are affected by headaches or are tired.

Based on biological science, our body has an immune system that will block/cease all microorganisms and viruses from penetrating our body. Nevertheless, if our immune system is weak or could now not do its work, that is the time that we get sick.

Medication is used as a substitute for healing, clearing up room for growing self-mastery skills. We can change our thinking and behaviors by training the mind to believe that all diseases have cures.

One of the benefits of Meditation is that it can also be a tool for developing our internal power to heal our diseases and transform them into healthier conditions.

 Meditation can develop our internal power to heal our health problems. It awakens our immune system in our body to work and cure our illnesses. Once we are relaxed, our inner power will improve the condition of our mind, body, and soul.

What kind of sickness can Meditation heal? We can heal all types of diseases via Meditation.

Meditation can heal some diseases, sometimes immediately; some may take more time to heal. Illnesses such as back pain, headache, nerve ache, stress, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and anemia are just some diseases that can heal via Meditation.

Two Methods of Simple Meditations

1) The stand-up position meditation. Stand up freely on the floor. Ask someone to assist if the person cannot get up on his own. Stand up and lean on the wall. Try to close your eyes and try to relax. Feel the power inside your body and the earth around you. Remember to have faith that the diseases will heal. Breathe normally for about 15-30 minutes. People healed many diseases with these meditations.

2) Sit-down position meditation this Meditation is similar to the Getup position meditation, only that you will be sitting down with your legs crossed.

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