The Base Of All Universal Laws

The law of Vibration is a primary law; it is the base of all-natural laws.The Law Of Vibration There is a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction, but without knowing the Law of Vibration, it will not work for us in a positive way.

The Law Of Vibration The Base Of All Universal Laws

As we all know, Einstein said: Everything is Energy; we live in an ocean of motion.
We are Energy, and everything around us is energy at a different rate of vibration.
All is an expression of the same source.
We are vibration and send vibration. What we want to have are vibrations.
We live in a reality that is based on vibration or energy. The universe knows what we want. The question is, will we send out the vibration that is compatible with what we want? If we can radiate gratitude or love for most aspects of our reality, we make sure we get what we want in our lives.

Conscious Awareness of Vibration is referred to as ” Feeling”

The law of attraction gives us back what we sent out; we determine our reality.
Every aspect of it. Any situation in which we are involved arises as a result of our vibration.
How do we assess the situation, whether we oppose or we are grateful, decides how to proceed.
The highest form of vibration is love or gratitude. Feelings are our conscious awareness.
Feelings are our conscious awareness of vibrational frequencies
If we are not in the right frequency, we may attract what we do not like.

Where Attention goes, Energy flows; Where Intention goes, Energy flows!

James Redfield

It is extremely beneficial to perceive positive things. It is of extremely great benefit
to train our perception so that we love our environment and fellow human beings.


I posted a video of Bob Proctor below; he is a master in explaining the law of vibration
so everybody can understand and perceive

What brings us to high vibration?
Gratitude, Kindness, Love, Praise, whatever makes us happy and blissful.

I hope you liked my post and found a good understanding of the law of vibration.

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What are you doing to keep yourself in high vibration?

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