Today I have a nice story and a gift for you.

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The Loving Kindness Meditation - A Gift

The Loving Kindness Meditation – A Gift

I know for many, it is not really easy to forgive,
I have a nice story for you and a beautiful way, a Gift, to make it easier to forgive.

My friend Mary Morrissey told me that she was a number of years ago in New Delhi, India, at the Human Unity Conference.
She had the opportunity for a private audience with the Dalai Lama.
It was at the Lotus Temple where they met, meditated, and prayed.
She said the Dalai Lama is an amazing human being. As we all know, he had to leave his country over 40 years ago because of the Chinese government, and very bad things happen to his country and to the people of Tibet.
But despite all these difficulties, this amazing man generates compassion and executes happiness.

He has refused to let these experiences dominate his daily awareness and happiness.
Mary Morrissey said it was an amazing transformation to be near this man.

She asked him how he could do this, and he said: ‘Every one of us has friends.
Friends are easy to love, and if they make mistakes, they are even easy to forgive.

Sacred friends

Then we have what he called “sacred friends” Oh, sacred friends. Very, very difficult to forgive.’ he said the Chinese government is my sacred friend.
“I would never have developed the heart I have developed a compassionate heart in the absence of the Chinese government. This government makes it so difficult to forgive that I had to get a very, very big heart and have to keep a very, very big heart, and it’s a big challenge.”

Every one of us may have such a sacred friend, and the Dalai Lama taught Meditation in the Lotus Temple. It is called loving-kindness meditation.
This is a gift to us from the Dalai Lama.

The loving-kindness meditation.

He said to begin with yourself. Begin with you, he said :

May I be truly happy.
May I live in peace.
May I live in love.
May I know the power of forgiveness.
May I live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.

You begin with yourself, later your loved ones, say the name of your child instead ‘I’, for example, and after the friend’s extent and say it for your sacred friend.

Over time you will experience an energy shift. Keep directing this energy of loving kindness to the particular person or the particular circumstance that has been difficult to release, and you are going actually to see a shift in that energy, and you will feel more peace, and this peace will be a gift to you.

Try the loving-kindness meditation for yourself.
This is for all of us brought to us from Mary Morrissey, a beautiful gift from the Dalai Lama.

Try the loving-kindness meditation for yourself.

Do you have difficulty with forgiveness? Try the loving-kindness meditation.

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