Do you need to cancel noise that is disturbing your life?

Is there noise you need to cancel to keep calm? Do you listen to noises that influence your vibes? I think these days it is for many difficult not to be affected. Especially if you watch TV it seems to me. I do not have a TV and I do not read magazines, newspapers, the noise is not affecting me much.  I am rather observing the ones who are making noise and how it affects people. It is like a study and sometimes like theatre. It does not scare me. But I understand that all these noises can disturb life. So it is better to cancel noise.

Let’s see what Ryans experienced with this noise and how he dealt with it. Thank you, Ryan

What Noise Do You Need to Cancel?

cancel noise

I unfollowed 27,000 people on Twitter over 9 days.

I just reached 20,000 followers after beginning with 47,000 followers. Why? I decided to cancel noise after my Twitter stream became a news feed. I do not follow the news outside of Twitter. News content pumped out via the 47,000 folks I followed is noise content to me. I put a big cancel kibosh on every single Tweeter who published a bit too much news-themed content.

But on unfollowing folks, I figured out almost all folks I followed seemed to publish noise. Although I own the error of following anyone with a pulse I also owned the solution of unfollowing all folks who did not publish high energy content 100% relevant to my values, vision, and vibe.

People tweeted noise. I decided to cancel the noise by unfollowing folks en masse. I also unfriended over 1000 folks on Facebook and unfollowed 2000 folks on Instagram. Genuinely, all unfollows and unfriending are not personal, petty, or angry in nature. I simply chose not to view noise via my social media streams because noise adds chaos, fear, and a blanket sense of panic to your day.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.- Steve Jobs

Virtually immediately, the moment I began unfollowing people on social media, I felt an instant wave of calm overtaking my being. Peace of mind replaced the frenetic chaos I seemed to be besieged by via my social media streams. Even better?

I began to genuinely take care of my followers and engaging friends in the most consistent manner since the decade I’ve been online. I reply to everyone, I check in with more followers than ever and I am actually enjoying social media marketing from the heart, for the first time during my online career.

Promote peace of mind, calmness, and serenity in your life

What noise do you need to cancel to promote peace of mind, calmness, and serenity in your life? Think of online and offline sources of chaotic noise. Consider not following the news. Basic TV – with its news and humdrum shows – may be the next to go because the noise droning through the idiot box predominantly spews mental poison.

Consider investing in a streaming service for entertainment to access a more specialized, well-rounded, on-demand means of enjoying video, if you so choose.

Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. It is not only an interruption but also a disruption of thought.- Arthur Schopenhauer

Do you subscribe to 5, 10, or 20 newsletters? Who has time to follow 20 newsletters? Mass unsubscribe to follow a few. Cancel the noise to bring clarity into your being. Stop checking your phone for social media replies and email every 60 minutes.

Cut the noise

Cut the noise by checking email a few times daily. Ditto for scanning social media; pop in 2-3 times daily for a few minutes per session. Think of all the ways you can cancel noise in your life to feel calm, relaxed, poised, and balanced in all you do online and offline.

Canceling noise feels a bit uncomfortable to me because letting go forms of noise unearths various fears in my being. I feel calm and serene but also fear letting go of noise sources sometimes for a fear of missing out and also for the fear of criticism and failure.

But facing, feeling, and releasing these fears is the only option if you want to fully clear these chaotic, maddening drum beats of noise in your life.

cancel noise

Scanning through my main Twitter stream revealed to me how many hours I wasted over the years scrolling through non-resonant updates, looking for something I vibed with.  I don’t even bother to follow the main feed anymore. I simply check my @replies to engage with my followers and fans, then close out Twitter.

The signal is the truth. The noise is what distracts us from the truth. – Nate Silver

Canceling noise influences you to never seek out noise again.


I only spotted and canceled this social media noise because I vibe pretty high. Vibing too low ensures you resonate with noise-chaos and become entrapped in these energies.

How do you raise your vibe?

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What about you? Do you need to cancel noise as well? Do you let the noise of the world disturb your peace in life?

Please share your experience.