You have to get out of your comfort zone to succeed.

Another post from our friend Ryan Biddulph a successful blogger. He learned to get uncomfortable, to face fear and listen to his inner voice to succeed. The discipline of daily exercise and meditation for sure did help him, in my opinion. Now he is sharing his experiences to help others.

“You have to be uncomfortable in order to be successful, in some ways. If you stay in your comfort zone! You would never do the things that you need to do.”
― Lights Poxlietner

be uncomfortable

Do I seem like a blogging machine to you?

I am not.

I am a human being. Sometimes I feel highly uncomfortable doing specific things. Today, I feel agitated. After sleeping for 4 hours I drove for 90 minutes to return home. On arriving home, I did 25 minutes of Kriya yoga. Further agitation ensued because my neck felt tense from driving and I had nowhere to distract myself during meditation. I sat with it. Highly unpleasant.

At 1:08 PM, I feel like I lost a decent chunk of the day. My mind sprints to my comfort zone. My ego intends to follow my recent daily routine because doing so feels comfortable. But my intuition told me to break the routine and do a few things different today for greater fulfillment and growth. I trust my intuition. Even if trusting my gut feels scary, agitating and annoying sometimes, my gut always leads to greater blogging success.


Leaving your blogging comfort zone is where increased traffic, profits, and success find you.

Imagine this; you cannot grab greater profits unless you reach out with your hand. Money does grow on trees since we live in abundance but you need to get off of your rear end to pluck money from the tree. Getting off your rear end involves leaving your comfort zone.

As I promote my eBook: Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

I explain why surrendering and totally sprinting out of my comfort zone set up my success with Blogging From Paradise. I released an old blog, 3400 blog posts and an old brand because I could never succeed holding on to this energetic yoke. Did I feel 100% clear and comfortable deleting all posts and 5 years of work? No. Terror arose in my mind. How could I throw it all away? But I had to let go to grow.

Imagine if I sprinted back into my comfort zone the moment I felt scared to trash my old blog. You never would have known Blogging From Paradise. I never would have appeared on Forbes, Fox News, and Entrepreneur. Nor would I have built a platform for serving a large group of people. If I did not leave my comfort zone, I would be sitting there, struggling and depressed out of my mind, being miserable with my old blog.

Success and Happiness Are on the Other Side of Fear

Guaranteed, the fears I knifed through this morning lead to increased:

  • blog traffic
  • blogging profits
  • happiness

I already feel happier writing this post for Erika. Plus my traffic and profits will most definitely increase tonight or tomorrow after this guest post and other guest posts I wrote today, go live. I had to feel the fear-discomfort and nudge through these emotions to write the post leading to increased success. If I surrendered to my fear and did not write the post, I become a little less successful. Hold back, and it is held back, from you.

Reach, Even if you Fall Flat on Your Face

Every successful blogger reaches out of their comfort zone and falls flat on their face a few times before getting it right. Today, I appear to be a natural on live video. 10 years ago, I did 37 takes before publishing my first video to YouTube. I fell flat on my face and felt terribly uncomfortable, but I kept reaching because I had to face and feel fears in order to remove resistance to my blogging goals.

Pay your blogging success tax. Be uncomfortable today. Stumble. Feel awkward.

Envision yourself evolving from a newborn foal into a graceful thoroughbred through the simple act of leaving your blogging comfort zone daily.


The more you leave your comfort zone, the more successful you become.

About the Author

Do You Seek Comfort or Growth

Ryan Biddulph inspires you to live your dreams at Blogging From Paradise.

Thank you, Ryan, for this post and for sharing your experience with us. It was for sure not easy to surrender and let go of the 3400 blog posts. You mastered to overcome the Terror Barrier and did succeed.

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What did you learn from Ryans experience?

Is there something you want to add for your daily routine?

Please leave a comment and share your opinion.

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