Is Fear Stopping you from Living your Dreams?

Does fear prevent living your dreams?  Do not let fear rule your life. Instead, go and release your fears and you will unlock your growth and become stronger than circumstances. are many quotes like this “Release and resolve fear, and what you want flows freely”.- Shirley Maclaine and I also did write posts about dealing with fear.  But here is a Guestpost of our friend Ryan Biddulph and he shares his authentic experiences and tells you how he did overcome his fears. Read his story and start living your dreams.

Thank you, Ryan

Why Does Living Your Dreams Seem Hard For Most People?

Why Does Living Your Dreams Seem Hard For Most People?

Look around.

Do most people seem to live their dreams?

Living your dream life seems hard for most people. Following your dreams feels like an impossible path for most human beings.


Change occurs on a level of energy, feelings, or emotion. This is tough because people tend to resist facing fear or feeling uncomfortable. Human beings need to observe, feel, and change their predominant vibe to change their lives. Observing, feeling changing your predominant vibe feels quite uncomfortable, scary, or flat out overwhelming sometimes.

Most people seem programmed to survive from energies of fear versus thriving from energies of love so loving, thriving choices feel confusing, scary, or outright alien to a dream-chaser. I felt completely lost as a first-time entrepreneur over a decade ago because everyone around me – and my old fear-scarcity condition – influenced me to do scared, allegedly safe, comfortable, and limiting things while free, energized, successful entrepreneurs, told me to do the exact opposite things.

Why Does Living Your Dreams Seem Hard For Most People?

Rather than feel uncomfortable, most people prefer not to chase their dreams. But the select few who follow their dreams quickly learn how facing, feeling, and releasing limiting beliefs dripping with deep fears feels….” hard”…for lack of a better term. Feeling fear feels SO hard for folks because feeling fear feels incredibly unfamiliar for people who engineer their lives to sit firmly ensconced inside of their comfort zones.

The hard aspect of following my dreams was unearthing, feeling, and releasing deep fears fueling my predominant vibe. This process has occurred progressively over the past 10-12 years of my life in particular. The payoff has been incredibly fun, freeing, and liberating; I have circled the globe as a pro blogger over the past decade. But unearthing, identifying, feeling, and releasing my fears felt overwhelming, confusing, and super frustrating sometimes.

Fear Programming

I intended to build a freeing online business a decade ago but my predominant intent felt steeped in fear, lack, limitation, and poverty during those days. I originally dreamed of owning mansions but my dominant fear-energy influenced me to do stuff like trying to make money online filling out $5 surveys. Logically, I thought I wanted to own mansions. Emotionally-energetically, I felt absolutely terrified to lose all of my money. What won? My dominant energy-emotions, of course.

What a hard lesson to learn: thinking means little to nothing in and of itself but energy-feelings mean EVERYTHING because how you vibe is how you perceive life. People try to work hard, slaving, straining, and striving, but eventually learn that you cannot outfox or outwork your energy.

How you vibe dictates how you:

  • Think
  • Feel
  • Act

I progressively learned to unearth, feel, and release deeper and deeper fears buried in my being to leave my dominant poverty consciousness in the rearview mirror. Thinking, feeling, and acting abundantly allowed me to move toward my dreams with increasing ease.

Why Does Living Your Dreams Seem Hard For Most People?

Living your dreams

But living your dreams is not a robotic, logical journey taken by cyborg-like robots. Following your dreams involves a slow, steady, progressive but sometimes scary as heck unfolding of following your fun right into your deepest fears. Most humans would rather die than face their deepest fears. Simply observe how most people go from cradle to grave without living their wildest dreams, being anchored down by their deepest fears, mired in survival mode for most of their human experience.

But harder gets easier if you see your dream-journey through. Fears terrifying you years ago completely dissolve into peace of mind through aspects of your life. Fears you progressively face become less intense because you develop the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Success flows to you with greater ease as your clarity and skills increase. However, reaching this tipping point from “harder” to “easier” requires thousands of hours of commitment to following your dreams.

Follow your dreams because doing so is worth the discomfort. Freedom is worth facing fear. Liberation is worth embracing pain.

If you plan to be around you may as well embrace some tough moments to be free over the long haul.


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