Do you have Time?

Are you trying to find time? Or is your excuse I have not enough time to do something for myself? Many seem not to find time for a little practice of yoga, exercise, meditation, serenity? Why not choose to take time for yourself?

Another guest post from our friend Ryan Biddulph. This time he shares with us his view on trying to find time.

Thank you, Ryan

Why Is Trying to Find Time to Do Anything the Biggest Illusion?

24 hours exist every single day.

Did you enter a parallel universe where 20 hours grace your day because 4 hours vanished into the ethers? Nope. Finding time is an illusion because time never vanishes, disappears, or gets lost in the first place.

I woke up today at 8 AM. Like every human being on the face of planet earth, I had 16 hours to work with before midnight. None of those 16 hours vanish. I need not try to find any of the 16 hours for doing anything because none of the 16 hours go anywhere, vanish, disappear or dissolve mysteriously into oblivion.

Trying to find the time to exercise, meditate, pray, or to follow your dreams is the biggest illusion because you search for something never lost. Trying to find time is looking for something staring you right in the face, anytime you glance at a watch, phone or laptop. I scan my laptop clock now; 4:42 PM. I will complete this guest post, submit it to Erika then do more Kriya yoga for my early evening session. I will roughly have 6 and a half hours for yin yoga, walking, dinner, and blogging this evening before midnight.

Like every human being on earth, I have 6 hours from 6 PM to midnight because time never vanishes, disappears, or gets lost.

People Choose How to Spend the Time Always Available to Them

Every human being has 24 hours today, tomorrow, and the following day as long as the breathing function and heart pumping function and brain functions ensue. But every person chooses how to spend the 24 daily hours based on their intimate thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Folks often complain about trying to find time to exercise because they are busy. But they chose to spend 12 hour days working a demanding job; 12 hours did not mysteriously vanish into the ethers, begging to be found by the individual.

Here’s what happened; a human being said to self:

“I will choose to work 12 hour days at this job knowing I will be darn busy choosing to work 12 hour days at this job.”

What aspect of that sentence suggests 12 hours vanished, disappeared, or appeared lost from the human being’s consciousness? Humans choose how to use the 24 hours we all have to work with, daily. Before you use the illusory time excuse, take a deep breath, and realize how we have 24 hours to choose from every day. Make different choices to give yourself time to do things bringing you freedom, fulfillment, meaning, and peace of mind.

I write and publish 4-5 guest posts daily. And I publish 5 posts daily on Blogging From Paradise. Also, I network freely. I also choose to spend 3-4 hours daily on meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, and exercising. And I did not need to find 4 lost hours from a busy schedule. I chose to spend 4 of the 24 hours on energy management. Even if it feels uncomfortable, and unpleasant, in moments, I enjoy the freedom, fun, and peace of mind devoting 1/6th of my day to energy management affords me.

Choose the 24 hours you have daily to free yourself.

Time is never lost so time never needs to be found.


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