Let go of Friends? People are coming and going in life. 

To let go of a friend has not always to do with a troublesome friendship. People are coming and going in our life. We better accept this.

I learned early in my life to let go of friends and move on. 

I was just 6 months in the first class in school when my parents move to another town. So I had to let go of my friends there. At that time, there was no internet, not even a phone, so no way to keep connected. 

It was the first time that I had to accept to let go of friends. And it continued. Today ist is much easier to stay in touch, but maybe there is also too much talk and misunderstanding?

Sometimes people cross our path in life; we go for a time together. Not always we go another way because we do not get along together anymore. Life makes it so. Sometimes we evolve past certain people because we have different experiences, which does not mean we can not meet again.

But some friendships are not pleasant anymore and trouble us so that we better let go of these friends.

“You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.”
― Mandy Hale

Our friend Ryan will give us advice on how to honor the concept of coming and going.

Do You Need to Release a Friend? Honor the Concept of Coming and Going

Letting go worn out friendships feels highly uncomfortable. But doing so frees you from unhappiness, stress and a general sense of heaviness about your life. What friends do you need to let go? We have all been there. You feel awkward ceasing communication. Should you unfriend the person? Maybe you should exclude the individual from your updates on social media? Feels stressful, right? What if they get angry at your ending communication? Then what? What do you do?

let go of friends

If you are tired of this form of mental torture and just want to feel better, by releasing worn-out friendships, honor the concept of coming and going. Basically, every human being you interacted with comes into your life and eventually goes out of your life. Most people we just meet for a split second or two between coming and going. Dear, trusted friends who we resonate with on a core level simply leave us at death, depending on who dies first; you, or your friend.

The more uncomfortable situation involves a person who came into your life, became a great friend, but, you grew apart. Perhaps you grew more quickly than your friend; they seem negative and dour and you left much of your fear and pain behind. During the deepest bond of your friendship some 10 or more years ago, you felt saddled by fear and pain so your negative bonding experience felt comfortable, like the two of you were a match. But you are no longer a match. How do you handle the situation?

Respect the fact that some friends come into your life at a great time but go out of your life when you lose resonance with the individual. Everybody intuitively knows when you need to stop communicating with friends on a deeper level but choosing to cut communication feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. Angry, rage-filled, former friends who turned into beasts make it easy to block them and cease all communication. Be compassionate and clear; feel their suffering but move on immediately.

Letting go friends you still resonate with on some level but who create some discord in your life feels much more uncomfortable because these nice, largely friendly folks feel tough to let go. In the same breath, life is a series of comings and goings. Every friend who comes into your life needs to go out of your life at some time. Knowing this basic truth, honor your intuition when something doesn’t feel right about your bond. This is the going, or, the leaving, that must happen for both parties to grow into the people they are meant to be.

Look at it this way; you can leave a friend on friendly terms. People grow apart. Such is life. Let people go who resonate on a different level than you. Eventually, every human being you ever contacted, connected with or encountered goes out of your life for some reason. If you fear to let go someone, eventually they do have to go, anyway, at some time. Make the cut. Let them go. Both parties win because you release someone who no longer accelerates your growth and happiness and the former buddy can be free to find friends they resonate with.

Never make this process personal. People simply come into each other’s lives to share experiences and go out of each other’s lives to share different experiences. Coming and going. Change is the only constant.


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