Are You In Pain? What To Do If We Have Neck Pain

What to do if we have pain in the neck and shoulder
Sits us the stress in the neck, we sometimes get the very next morning the receipt for it: The neck is stiff, the head can’t be turned, the pain pulls up to the shoulders. The neck quickly takes something evil: a very tense day […]

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Breathing – Stimulate Your Metabolism

“He who breathes half,  lives only half ”

When metabolism is mentioned, most people think of digestive or kidney function. The most important metabolic process is your breathing this it mostly not realized. How you breathe, has diverse effects on your body and you can control respiration but not digestion. Let’s look at how to stimulate […]

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Why Is A Acid – Base Balanced Diet The Solution To Health?

Health can only develop in a body with acid-base balance.
The solution: Acid-base Balanced Diet
The basic nutrition diet creates an acid-base balance and reverses all the negative effects of acidity.

The alkaline diet creates an environment that gets rid of the harmful bacteria and fungi and only the microorganisms that are beneficial for our health will remain.

The […]

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Stay Fit Young and Slim With Balanced Diet Recipes

Staying young, slim, and fit with an alkaline diet
The alkaline diet regulates the acid-base balance.

There are not many food groups that belong to the basic diet.

You might be wondering how it is possible to live only on vegetables, salad, fruit, almonds, chestnuts, fruit, almonds, chestnuts, potatoes, and sprouts. And you begin to wonder if you […]

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Basic Diet – Part 2 – Why You Should Eat A Alkaline Diet

thChronic hyperacidity  – how can basic diet help.

Alkaline diet or pizza?
Every meal that you eat is broken down in our body. Usable is used Useless knocked out. This is called metabolism. Suppose you eat a pepperoni pizza – a very good example of a highly acid-forming meal.

The pizza consists mainly of flour, cheese, sausage, and tomato […]

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