In this guest post, Chayan Chakrabarti shares his story with us. He also writes about his experiences and opinions and shares also steps to overcome negative thinking.  A challenge many have in our time and Chayan’s advice and story may help. Read below what he has to share with us.

When was the last time you smiled? Ask yourself. Laughter can help you to Overcome Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking is nothing but a state of mind. It blocks our minds during complex situations. At the same time, it adds stress to our lives. Which is equally dangerous if your goal is to live a balanced life.

What is success to you? Do you think financial richness is the only success mantra? Then this article is not suitable for you.

I have to overcome a lot of negativity to reach this platform. Real success empowers you. Not guide you just to survive.

Overcome Negative Thinking

From my experiences, I can say that all you need to do is get influenced by positive things. Negative Thinking will go away just like that.

Yes, that’s true. Getting influenced by negative things can be harmful.

Simple Facts Behind Negative Thinking

●  Overthinking

●  Self Emotions

●  No Plan B

●  Jumping to Conclusions

●  Blaming Others

●  Excuses

●  Shoulds

First Step to Get Rid Of the Negative Thinking – Acknowledge!

You have to accept reality. Life happens and it can happen to anyone. Don’t feel bad if you are getting negative thoughts. It’s quite natural. That’s not your fault either. There are things in life that are beyond our control. But, we have to gain back control of life. We never wanted to be in this situation, right? Life is too short to fulfill all that you want. Let’s focus on that. Find your interest. Understand, what keeps you going. Focus on that. It may sound cliche. But I would still say “Follow your Passion” 🙂

Question Your Thoughts

For me, this is the most important part. Negative Thinkings can come anytime. However, you can counter them by asking questions. Ask the questions, till the time the mind is not relaxed. First Identify the main concern which is causing a negative mindset

Observe Everything

I have seen one common mistake that people do when a negative situation comes. They ran away from that situation. Please do not do that. Don’t give up that easily. You are better than that. Be quiet and observe everything. Do this for some time. And the situation will turn around.

Don’t Overreact

You do overreact in situations when you are too much connected with something. And you don’t have a plan B. Don’t depend too much. Just do your part.

Overcome Negative Thinking

Develop A Clear Thought Process

You have to have a clear purpose in life to counter Negative thinking. That’s your attitude. Never lose it. You must be passionate about something. Use that passion to control your emotions. Use logic. Do self-analysis. And try to find your real goal. Sounds super easy? Trust me it is not. You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve this. Never settle. Try to improve the quality of your life. And hope for a better tomorrow. Read Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis

No Expectations, No Disappointments

Expectations are good. But if you expect too much it will hurt you eventually. Try to be logical and rational. Set up your goal and walk to that path. Always keep a plan B. When we do expect something, we tend to keep our common sense aside. Let me share a personal incident here. I firmly believe that a positive mindset and vision lead to a successful venture. After working 10 years successfully with different organizations now I have decided to spread my visions and start a brand. I am getting a good paycheck. But, I am trying to expect less out of my job and focus more on simplefactsonline. Yes, that’s my brand.

Appreciate Every Little Thing in Life

I have seen that we complain too much about everything in life. We are not happy with our surroundings. And taking each and everything for granted. This is what concerns me. It takes nothing to be humble and generous. I am not asking you to accept everything blindly here. You have to understand your priorities and based on that you can take this action. It takes nothing to appreciate the little things in life. It will help you to Overcome Negative Thinking. This will also help you to improve your people skills.

Live In the Moment

You can’t control the past. The future is unknown. However, you can focus on the present and make your life stress free. Let’s talk about keeping a positive mindset. Most of you have not tried it yet, some of you may have tried and failed. And this is why you are finding the positive attitude is not that worthy. It only looks good in books, in the printed format.

This shows that you have got a lot of reality checks and deep in your mind, you have started believing that you have failed. This is just another phase of life. You will suddenly realize that you are using too many excuses and doing nothing to add value. Focus on the present and you will have fewer things to worry about. Take this as an opportunity and grow

Bring Positivity To Someone Else’s Life

For me, this is the most difficult task. But it’s possible. I won’t say that I am like Robert Bruce, who was never influenced by failure, I am someone who seeks to pick at least one positive thing in that failure. I am certain that there is a requirement to increase positive vibes in your gathering. Be that character. First, listen. Then support. Justify your recommendations. Concentrate further on how and why. You choose your real friends at the start. This will surely improve the quality of your life.

Be Grateful for What You Have Accomplished

After reading this much, I think you must have realized that my life was not that smooth to develop this attitude. Slowly and gradually this happened. I don’t get scared about situations that are not under my control. Instead, I focus more on my part. That isn’t an overnight process. Once you develop the mindset. Things will happen automatically. is a perfect example of that.

I was searching the internet for my entrainment. But deep in my mind, I was thinking about a better job, a better lifestyle. Suddenly I saw an advertisement for a digital marketing course. And I have decided to pursue it. At that time there were very limited resources available online about Digital marketing. So I went to the institutes. I enrolled for a course and learned basic Digital Marketing.

However, that was not just enough to be a successful digital marketer. Another setback. When you have zero savings and bills to pay with you, you lack the motivation. But don’t know what happened to me, I started following digital marketing blogs, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and I started to realize what I can accomplish out of it.

This is the first time I am sharing this incident on Erika’s blog. I have shared this because I am happy with whatever I have achieved so far. And I know that the sky’s the limit. This kind of thought helps me to do more and more. Life is too short to be disappointed. Let’s be happy and spread happiness.

About me

Overcome Negative Thinking

A professional Digital Marketer and a part-time blogger. The founder and content creator at In this blog, I produce Digital Marketing content. And also invite experts, entrepreneurs, philanthropists to share their stories.

Erika was kind enough to share her thoughts on my blog. Do check it An exclusive interview with Erika Mohssen, a must-read motivational journey for all. You can also connect with me on Digital Marketing forum(A group by simplefactsonline)and share your Digital Marketing concerns.

Thank you, Chayan for sharing your thoughts and experience. It may help others with the challenge to overcome negative thinking.  Changing the perspective can help to have more success in life.

As Sadhguru said: A thought is whether bad nor good, it just is a thought. It is we who make it good or bad. “In the vastness of the cosmos, everything is going perfect, but one nasty little thought in your mind can make it a bad day. That is lack of perspective”.

I hope you like Chayan’s story and perspective.

What is your experience? Did you find your way to overcome negative thinking?

Please, leave a comment and share it with us.

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