If you face your Fears nothing easily can manipulate you

Facing Fears and letting go of it, gives a clear vision. If we live fearless in the present we are able to avoid getting manipulated and we can look for solutions that help in difficult situations. We are more flexible and able to adapt to change. If we are fearful we lose the connection to our intuition, our guidance.

See below what our friend Ryan Biddulph tells us about his experiences with fear and how to face it.

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Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?


Life is interesting now.

Humanity has its collective fear mirrored back to them via the current global climate. A few genuine thinkers – who largely faced and continue to face their fears – see through the illusion, to Truth. Everyone else who chooses not to face personal, intimate fears finds themselves easily manipulated by people who create global headlines and government officials who enact laws.

Do you face your fears? If not, you will be manipulated by other people’s fears, by their greed, desperation and need to control human beings.

Fear Facing

As a kid, I lived a good life largely. But I experienced a few highly difficult moments that triggered painful fear and suffering in me. I forgive everybody who co-created these events, for I know fear drove them to act as they did. But drilling deeper, I noted something through my teenage years. I was painfully shy in many regards but tried to hide it by building up my body, to intimidate people, to impress people and to be loved and accepted by people. All drivers were obviously fear-based. The pattern continued into my 20’s and even into my early 30’s. During this time frame, people easily manipulated me via news headlines, politics, and all that jazz because I had not faced and felt my own fears.

Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?

Quote by Will Smith

Things changed when I began blogging and circling the globe. Fears HAD TO be triggered, me being an entrepreneur and world traveler, for the first time. Try circling the globe. Try going into business for self, simultaneously. Every possible fear from childhood right up to that point arises in your being. I had to face, feel and release these horrible-feeling fears to be largely free from fear, and to cultivate the habit of doing scary but freeing, uncomfortable things. I learned to face fear daily.

Clearing many of my deep, personal fears, I began seeing clearly. I saw the Truth of Love and Peace and Health and Abundance amid illusions of fear, chaos, dis-ease, and poverty. But I had to rid myself of MY fears before I could stop being manipulated because releasing your own fears through a personal choice is the only way to remove the fuel that the media and government use to manipulate you.

Fear is the most powerful and effective tool to rule humanity

Right now, fear is the most powerful and effective tool to rule humanity because most people are deeply afraid. Most people feel deeply afraid because most people do not choose to face, feel and release deep fears. Those who wade through this sometimes highly unpleasant process liberate themselves, feel awesome, feel at peace and see Truth amid the illusion of appearances.

Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?

News media cannot live without your fears. Face fears, feel fears, release fears, and you literally remove fuel that powers the news media engine. Once humanity personally faces their fears, news media dies, vanishes and we evolve into our next stage, being more of who we really are. Manipulative government tactics die, too. Why? How can the government use fear to scare you into action if you are not afraid? How can governments around the world scare 7 billion people into action if we are not afraid? Governments would give up, and use loving, harmonious, prospering strategies to bring us together, to maximize our power and to benefit all. We all will be rich, prospering and peaceful. Poverty, scarcity, chaos, and war are on the way out. But we all need to personally, intimately explore our deep fears, to facilitate this process.


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About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, courses and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

Thank you, Ryan

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Do you face your fears? Are you fearful? This article may help you to let go of fears.

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