Moronization Is Going On, But Do You Keep Thinking And Improving?

 Are you curious enough to ask questions and advance?
Are you aware of what is going on? It seems moronization already happens, and it is alarming.

The problem of today’s society begins with the fact that People no longer want to remember facts but are becoming increasingly lazy about learning new skills, asking questions, or deriving new […]

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How to improve your general knowledge for a successful future

Become successful by increasing your knowledge
The effort to improve general knowledge is critical. It helps you in many professions, gives you an advantage in reaching your goals and dreams, and is related to a successful future.


Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.- Jim Rohn

With a broad general knowledge, you […]

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General Knowledge is More Than Ever Essential In The World Today

General knowledge: Can’t you google all this?
We need it everywhere. At school, at work, and in private life. It helps us to understand the world we live in. It is general knowledge. But what belongs to this knowledge, what do we need it for, and how can we improve it?

We all know the saying, “Knowledge is […]

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I love Conspiracy but not the Theory.

How do you perceive Conspiracy?
These days, we hear the word Conspiracy often, and in families and circles of friends, people use it against each other as a judgment.
But do they even know what the meaning of the word Conspiracy is? Or is everybody only repeating the slogans politics and the media bring up?
Do we realize […]

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2 Steps to Free The World

Are you ready to take the steps?
What are these two steps to free the world?  Number one is maybe the most important for every human being: meditating, doing yoga, developing spiritually, and BE. Everybody can do it; it is not even difficult and can be pleasant. Who does not want to be more conscious and […]

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