Are you curious enough to ask questions and advance?

Are you aware of what is going on? It seems moronization already happens, and it is alarming.

The problem of today’s society begins with the fact that People no longer want to remember facts but are becoming increasingly lazy about learning new skills, asking questions, or deriving new conclusions from the knowledge that digital media puts in front of them.

Here are a few examples of how it showed up for me. But there are many more, often little things.

It leads to both funny and sad effects that people look at Google Maps and no longer know in which direction to walk or drive without navigation instructions, for example.
When people began to use GPS, I remember they got totally confused, took routes that did make the way longer, and often finally called to ask directions. Many cannot read and follow maps anymore.

Some have more than ten credit cards but have yet to learn how the financial system works.
When it started with credit cards, I had a friend who worked at a bank, and she told me that many people bring the cards back because they had lost the overview of their finances and got into debt. Before, people saved and only bought things when they had enough money. Soon it got common to be in debt and pay in installments.

I always only pay cash when I go to the grocery store, but recently I noticed a few times that the cashiers could only give back change by reading the cash screen; if I don’t give the right amount, they get confused and do not know how to calculate. Mental arithmetic is complicated without a calculator. I remember times when kids could not use calculators in school; it seems this changed in between.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Einstein.

Do we truly live in an advanced society?

Did you know that many schoolkids are not able to write their names anymore?
This revelation happened to me when my Granddaughter started to practice writing our names last night in cursive writing. It was after she tried to print out a list of things she needed to buy for college.

It was a time-wasting technique, and it was impossible to make it work.
After the modern technique refused to work for half an hour, I asked her if it would not be much easier to write it down by hand on paper, which she did. It took only a few minutes. She said now I practice cursive writing because it was the last time in 3 grade school I did write like this.

I was astounded and asked really? She said she only wrote notes during lectures to remember things and told me that most kids could not write cursive anymore with pen and paper. Even a friend’s boy, age 20, was not able to sign a needed document; this is what she experienced herself.

The Rise of the Human Digital Brain: How Multidirectional …

No drawing, painting, or fairy tales?

No Kids anymore that enjoy painting and drawing, and storytelling and story reading for kids have disappeared. It helps to increase emotional intelligence and creativity. All are only on the gadget, the parents, the kids, and friends.

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“The central task of education is to implant a will and facility for learning; it should produce not learned but learning people. The truly human society is a learning society where grandparents, parents, and children are students together”.- Eric Hoffer.

So, it is not only AI that can dumb down humanity; it has already started unnoticed in schools and society.

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When Students cheat on exams, it’s because our school system values grades more than students value learning. The value that you put on the grade is out of portion of who you actually are and become in life. – Neil Degrasse Tyson  watch here

Combining a short attention span and believing that technology will fix it creates a generation of entirely dependent individuals.
Most people do not know anything about how their bodies and mind function. No wonder some people pretend to be experts in a field that doesn’t require expert knowledge, but many believe it and follow them.

AI is good if we can use it, but do not let it use us.

Could we use digital expert systems to become more innovative and use our human abilities more meaningfully?

We better pay attention and ask questions.

Algorithms and chatbots are taking on more and more tasks and intervening in people’s behavior.
Now we hear amazing things about this new ChatGPT, but can it answer something except what is already on the internet and recycle what already exists and is created by human beings?  AI can’t do this, and as confident as they may respond and give out information, they can be wrong.

It is a human-created compilation of content and knowledge that AI rearranges according to the rules and program of its owners. Watch also here. Whatever does not fit the official narrative gets deleted, like many books that are forbidden.

Many things we learned and are also online are not accurate anymore.
These days, there is also a lot we have to unlearn.
Also, one has to have the proper knowledge to ask the right question.

Why not celebrate rather the human invention instead of a tool?

Here is an interesting discussion about ChatGPT

Do not let fool yourself. Refrain from following everyone’s opinion, and be aware.
Information and education play an essential role. We can discuss and ask the right questions if we know what’s happening with AI and identify areas in which we need to raise our awareness.

Use your mind for critical thinking and be flexible

The real danger is when we, out of convenience, cease to use our minds, and we will let our ability to think atrophy.
There is a need for critical thinking and flexibility to adapt to new situations.
Many worry about their jobs; some may not be required anymore, but there may be opportunities to create new jobs. And in Germany, we say: “Craftsmanship has a golden floor”; it is always in demand.

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You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve. – Marc Benioff

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We are not machines

And AI can’t replace the authentic You, your style of thinking, writing, and experiencing.

Do not confuse intelligence with consciousness.

Intelligence is the ability to solve operational problems. Computers are good at it but need an operating system that recognizes rules.

And be you Renewed in the Spirit of your Mind and put on the New Man(humanity) Ephesians 2:24

Consciousness is what allows us to define ourselves as human beings. Awareness is knowing that you exist and your perception of the world. To experience and feel, including intuition, the ability to read the intentions of others, and empathy. Our superpower, the Genius, it is still with us, and we only have to harness it consciously. 

With this awareness, we do not need to fear the impact of AI. It has no consciousness and can never replace a human being. 

But we need to know ourselves. “The pioneering anthropologist Louis Leakey once stated, “Without an understanding of who we are, we cannot truly advance.”- Gregg Braden.

We can embrace advancement and the help of technology, but we also need to take care of our humanness.  Also, we have divine guidance and can always trust our intuition, but for many, it can be a slippery slope not to be manipulated and choose what to believe.

Intuition – How To Listen To Our Excellent Guide

Good if people create communities with like-minded people and discuss and support each other. It is something a machine can not do.

“People worry about artificial intelligence, for they don’t understand it. As a behaviorist, I worry about human intelligence, for the potential of artificial intelligence is nothing compared to that of human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is not the problem – heartless, senseless, reckless human intelligence is.
― Abhijit Naskar

And Moronization continues, and it is not only AI.

What about; We have to unlearn what we have learned? Will AI increase what we have to unlearn? Will we learn even more false beliefs dependent on the wish of their owners?

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Are you aware?

What is your view on all this?

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Please, let us know what your perception is.