Let Go of Perfect: Love Your Unique Imperfections

Let’s explore the nature of Perfect Imperfection.
Why do people want to be perfect and imperfection scares them? Many people do not start with work because they want to make everything perfect. They blame their perfectionism for procrastination.

These people often overthink and do not start something before it seems all in line as if they couldn’t […]

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A Beautiful Day In Fall

October already, and it is getting cold at the night.
Today is a beautiful day in fall, and we went with our grandkids Lea and Shirin into the woods to make firewood. It is time to get ready for the Canadian Winter.

The wood we wanted to collect is in a very enchanting place. It has a […]

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Are You Aware? How Far Are We Away From Nature?

A story about a Racoon and how we deal with nature.
Should we not be more aware and pay more attention to our thinking and actions?
The Story about the  Racoon
Last Saturday I took my grandchildren to the big city. I was there to attend an event that did not take place because I missed the message […]

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