October already and it is getting cold in the night .

It is time to get ready for the Canadian Winter . Today we went with our

grandkids Lea and Shirin into the woods to make firewood . The wood we

wanted to collect is in a very enchanting place .It has a beautiful smell and we

have the feeling to be in a Cathedral of the nature ,old and very high trees around

us the sun shining through the  Treetops .

The kids started to hug the trees and to look around finding gems of the nature ,

old tree roots covered with moss or mushrooms at a old tree stump. Later we went

to another place to cut two try and death tree’s.

In the afternoon we went back home to feed the chicken and our baby goat Sucky .

She needs to be fed ,because her mother is the oldest goat ,now 11 years old and she

does not have enough milk for Sucky.

See the Video of our day in Fall October 2015 .

I hope you like to see  one of our days here at our farm and maybe feel the beauty of the nature here.

Some of you may remember Survi ,she was a baby goat ,when she showed up in one of Gavin Mountford’s

webinars 🙂 Did you ever see a goat in a webinar for marketers ? 🙂

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