Little bluff is a beautiful beach

Little Bluff is one of my favorite places.

We live here on an island connected to the land by bridges and a ferry. It is a place where people come for vacation.

Here I show one of my favorite places called Little Bluff.

Most tourists come to go to the sandbanks, which have sandy beaches for swimming, but often it is very crowded. We prefer the Stoney beach of the little bluff, most of the time not many people are there and the water is clear and clean.
If we have guests in our B&B, I often sent them over there to have an alternative to the busy sandbanks and they like it.

A Treasure 

Little Bluff has good energy, it feels good to sit there and is like a little treasure. There are watersnakes swimming around and in fall we often saw them on the beach eating fish.

This time I have been sad because a man came with his dog and he found snakes between stones and throw them in front of his dog, the dog killed them. I think this is not very nice, why do we always have to do something against nature. The dog would not be able to kill them if the man would not get them for him. I am sure they would be able to escape or hide in between the stones.

In summer often sailing boats are coming and Anker over there or motorboats and have parties.

I never saw the water green with algae and dirty like it is often at the sandbanks. Hopefully, people take care and keep it clean and let the snakes live. They are something special there and do no harm but make the place more natural.

We had a beautiful afternoon and the kids enjoyed it as well.

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