Making Hay for the winter

The weather is nice and warm now; time for making hay for the grass-fed animals.

Hay for Grass Fed Animal

   Hay for Grass-Fed Animal

Grass-fed animals need hay in winter. Farmers have to go with the weather and find the right time to make hay.

After the grass is cut, it should not rain on it because the hay has to dry again, and the quality is not as good.

Mathew, a young sheep farmer, is coming to make hay at our farm, and he leaves what we need for our goats.

Hay for Grass Fed Animals

While cutting, the haybine got stuck, and he tried for an hour in the hot sun to fix it. Hard work. Finally, he came into the shade and made it work again.

Over the weekend, he and his wife both worked hard to turn the hay and baled it.

This is for our goats > > >
Hay for Grass Fed Animals

The winter food for our grass-fed animals is secure. What a blessing for Animals and Humans to have  Farmers.


Hay for Grass Fed Animals



End Of The Farm Day


It seems not many people know what Hay bales are and why farmers make them. I saw in the comments that people see them but never thought that they are for feeding grass-fed animals.

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