I love Conspiracy but not the Theory.

How do you perceive Conspiracy?
These days, we hear the word Conspiracy often, and in families and circles of friends, people use it against each other as a judgment.
But do they even know what the meaning of the word Conspiracy is? Or is everybody only repeating the slogans politics and the media bring up?
Do we realize […]

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Is It Out There Or In Your Mind?

Is what is going on, out there, or in your mind?
Are you aware that whatever you see, hear, touch, smell, you feel the senses inside of you? The senses can distract the mind, if you feel fear you think it is a real danger out there, but everything is in your mind. If we are […]

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Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

Does fear blind you to see reality?
Fear makes blind. If we let fear control our mind, we lose the ability to think clearly and our common sense seems to disappear. This is what I notice. It may help to not just passively consume the flood of images and fear-mongering news. Before fear paralyzes you do […]

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These 6 Things Make You Grow And Improve Your Life

How can you improve your life and grow?
There are many programs available that can help you to improve your life and know yourself better.
Personal development is trendy today. Numerous books, blogs, and seminars give us tips on how we can improve ourselves. This advice is useful and can help us get on with our lives. […]

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